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Posted in Gluten Free, Recipes, Veggies and tagged fruit, quinoa, vegan, vegetarian on October 29, 2014 by Anne-Marie Nichols. A healthy shrimp stir-fry recipe doesn't necessarily have to come from the produce section of Boise grocery stores.
For more ideas about utilizing frozen food or creating frozen dinners of your own, watch the video on the left-hand side of the screen.
BMW to provide powertrains for new Karma cars in 2016BMW has announced that it has agreed to enter into a parts and technology deal to provide its battery system and (some) of its electric drive technology to Chinese owned Karma Automotive. While it's nice to be able to eat some fresh, healthy low-cal dinners, frozen foods allow you to stock up on food items that you can throw together in a pinch to create healthy weekend meals, a quick lunch, or food on the go.

She grew up working in her aunt's diner and later graduated to slinging plates at various Boise eateries and coffee houses for the better part of 10 years. You can find the ingredients for this at most Boise grocery stores, but the Grocery Outlet on Fairview Avenue almost always has these frozen items on sale for a fraction of the cost of normal markets, making it a more economical choice. That’s because frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and frozen at their peak ripeness, locking in the nutrient value at the point of freezing.
That’s unlike fresh produce that may be shipped half way around the world and sit in a warehouse for who knows how long – losing nutritional value along the way – before it gets to your local grocery store. I keep frozen fruit on hand so my kids can make smoothies for breakfast or for afterschool snacks.

I came up with a dish the other night that combined two things my kids aren’t thrilled about eating – quinoa and vegetables.

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