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So food-centric that when you go to this recipe site you are immediately treated to a gorgeous, page-filling image of a meal.
No, it’s not revolutionary for a food company to feature their product on the website, but Pro Foods nicely includes attractive images of the fruits each of their Pro Ade Protein waters are flavored with as part of the pictures. This site for the food-recommending app is similar to Gojee in that it includes a big, gorgeous picture of a recipe on their main page, but they still manage to describe the product as well. This UK restaurant’s site is designed to look like a chalk menu board, but also includes delectable images of foods they serve mixed in.
One of the few sites on this list not selling food in some way, the site for the documentary Food, Inc.
With a name like that, you expect elegance and class, and that’s exactly what you get with images of foods, wines, and vineyards on a site dedicated to helping you pair food and wine together well.

Speaking of frozen yogurt, this site not only has pretty images of their food, but smartly uses colors on the site to complement the dishes.
The main image on their homepage is a gorgeous meal, and the sections you can click on are also all foods from their menu.
They believe that food is about bring people together and learning about cultures as much as it is about eating. The site for the Ness app is eye-catching with a giant background of food, as well as a number of smaller food images displayed on an iPhone screen. The site, a food subscription service, really sells the product by including images of delicious-looking food everywhere. With pictures of food so vibrant it looks like it’s right in front of you, the only way this restaurant could make me more ready to eat their food is by somehow incorporating small.

Its simple, straightforward design houses a navigation system centered around food: food events, food trips, and places for foodies.
The pictures of delicious goodies draw you in, and the text tells the story of good, sustainable food. I believe that the site’s design, including beautiful food images and diagrams showing ingredients, will help them to spread the message.

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