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I really want to try your Healthy Chocolate Chip cookies but the link takes me to the strawberry Greek Popsicles. It is that time of year where mothers rejoice (see above photo; source here) and kids are excited!
Also, while we are talking about the lunch receptacle; make sure to allow your child to pick out a really fun lunch box or carrier. I am not just talking about healthy choices but try to choose healthy non-perishables (nuts, seeds, dried fruits, heartier fruits and veggies, etc) to send your little one off to eat.

Let us use a childhood staple so we can talk about how to improve the quality of lunches for kids: PB and J. Pair this healthy version of a pb and j with some baby carrots, hummus, and some grape tomatoes and you have a superbly healthy lunch. If your child isn’t used to eating healthier foods and you are dreading the attempt to transition them from Lunchables, chips, pizza, and pop tarts, have no fear. Click here for┬ásome great ideas (even if you and your family do not follow a Paleo lifestyle) to get healthier lunches into your children!

Listen to their ideas and if they want chips and will not budge, find a way to give them a healthier option (there are many, many veggie based chip options out on the market now and many have very few ingredients.

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