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I thought it would be a fun snack to make for my kids, but I never like to spend more than 10 minutes making a snack for my kids. This year I am packing my daughter’s lunch two days a week and sending her to school with a snack four days a week. A muffin can make a great lunchbox snack because it is so portable and is just the right size for little hands. It can be frustrating that so many granola bars contain peanuts or are made in a plant that processes peanuts.
Like all parents, when packing her food I do my best to send her with things that are healthy and homemade. This muffin is completely nut free and is even given a healthy boost by the addition of flax seed.

By using an apple corer you can make watermelon into these adorable shapes that will make your kids smile when they open their snack trap that day!
This awesome nut-free granola bar is completely easy to make in your own kitchen and is a perfectly healthy snack for any lunchbox. Even better, cut two thin slices and put a thin spread of cream cheese between them to make a healthy nut-free snack sandwich. Pack your child's favorite cracker, cheese, and deli meat and they can enjoy crafting their own snacking sammies! I want a balance of protein, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains in her bag whenever possible.
The nice balance of whole grains and fruit makes it a delicious, nutritious snack any day of the week!

These rainbow skewers give fruit a playful twist and make it easy for your child to eat the very nutritious rainbow you've packed.
Packed in screw top container next to an ice pack in an insulated lunchbox; it will easily stay fresh until snack time.

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