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Spinach is definitely one of the mildest greens to blend in a smoothie, and it won’t result in a drastic flavor change. After the hard fruits are incorporated, add the softer fruits like these banana and mango slices.
Before figuring out this method, I would usually throw all the ingredients into my blender at once and just blend for eternity and still end up with little spinach fragments or an odd texture. Spinach is a great green to use for beginner green smoothies for a couple reasons, 1) it’s easy on your blender. 5.0 from 5 reviews 5-minute Spinach Smoothie   Print The ultimate healthy green smoothie for on-the-go, made in under 5 minutes with plant-based protein, greens, healthy fats, and fruit!
I just prepared my first “green smoothie” using the above recipe, and I love it! Since I did the Brightspring Detox, I’ve been making a green smoothie at home nearly every day. Get inspired with even more  Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes and Smoothie Recipes with Frozen Fruit!

You absolutely could substitute raspberries, or even blueberries, although the color wouldn’t be as green with blueberries.
Follow Sarah White {Mindfully Frugal Mom}'s board My Favorite Healthy Recipes - Healthy Eating on Pinterest. Most of my clients and readers ask me about what greens they can blend in standard blenders, well spinach is the one! We have so much spinach growing at our farm right now and sometimes I just can’t take eating another salad. Both raw and cooked spinach have a host of health and nutrients, but in this recipe raw is best! But if you just want a super-simple, easy-peasy green smoothie recipe, here is the easiest formula that will yield a good-tasting smoothie, yet still contain healthy greens. Spinach is naturally very delicate in texture, but also flavor which brings me to reason numero dos why this smoothie is great for beginners. If I can get my sweet to drink his greens, then trust me you can venture to the green smoothie side or at least try to get the little ones (or your man) to drink their greens too, I promise they’ll love it.

It’s your bare basics guide for nutrition advice, healthy living inspiration, simple recipes, and more. I’ll have to try it on my kids too Thanks for sharing it with us on Wellness Wednesdays. Here’s the breakdown for this 5-minute Spinach Smoothie, I group it into several options so you may pick and choose the ingredients to develop your own favorite variation. NS believes you can optimize your health, energy, radiance, and happiness by Living Whole and Eating Well. A pasteurized raw egg (no salmonella risk with these), bananas, any frozen fruit I have on hand, sometimes a drop of honey, some cranberry juice, orange mango juice, etc. The slightly sweet and subtle flavor of spinach goes really well with fruits, healthy fats like almond butter or avocado and especially with plant-based protein powders- it all blends beautifully together.

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