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Kristin Chessman is a freelance writer, editor and mom from Southern California with a passion for travel, fashion, Disney, the beach, Italian food and all-things celebrity. Nutritionist and founder of Decision Nutrition, Keren Gilbert, MS RD, suggests this quick and healthy breakfast recipe, which includes two servings of fruit, offering plenty of fiber and antioxidants.
For a quick (and fruity) breakfast, Gilbert recommends serving a high-fiber pita with natural peanut butter and a sliced banana. Jennifer Crain, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and holistic pediatrics specialist, suggests oatmeal paired with your favorite fruit for a healthy breakfast option.
For added calcium and protein, Gilbert recommends topping with half a cup low-fat cottage cheese.
Studies have shown that skipping breakfast leads to being overweight, which is why these quick and healthy breakfast recipes for weight management are so helpful. Studies have not only shown that eating a healthy breakfast gives you energy, but that when you do you are more likely to pass up high calories foods later in the day.

This healthy breakfast recipe, courtesy of Francesa Pucher of Fitness 121, is a nutritious start to your morning. Once the mixture begins to simmer, approximately five-to-six minutes, turn it down to medium-low and cook for another three-to-four more minutes to allow the apples to soften. Add fruit to your breakfast routine for a valuable source of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Crain recommends preparing your French toast with whole wheat bread dipped in beaten eggs (with a little milk, or rice milk, if your child's allergic), and serving it with fresh fruit.
Celebrity dietician Ashley Koff, RD, shares this scrumptious (and healthy!) breakfast fruit recipe.
Most experts agree that eating a nutritious breakfast that is high in fiber and protein not only revs your metabolism, but gives you enough energy to get through the day.
Some of these recipes you can make the night before and pop them in the microwave in the morning -- or you can quickly assemble them in the morning.

Stir in your favorite fruit or a bit of dried fruit, then sweeten with a bit of real maple syrup," she said.
If you or your child are allergic to dairy, substitute for dairy-free yogurt, or hemp protein and rice or almond milk. Koff suggests planning ahead by making six baked apples over the weekend for easy assembly during the week.

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