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Smarter strategies for “chilling out” call for lighter, nutrient-packed frozen and liquid treats that don’t pile on the pounds or aggravate good health.
Fiftysomething benefits: The blood-pressure lowering potassium from the bananas and the health-enhancing antioxidants from the dark chocolate make for a guilt-less treat. DIY recipe: Clean and slice up to 1 cup of any of your favorite seasonal fruits or veggies and add them, along with a few sprigs of fresh herbs, to a 1-quart pitcher.
Fiftysomething benefits: Research confirms that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables may reduce risk for heart attack and stroke. DIY recipe: Green smoothies typically start with at least one dark leafy green (kale, spinach) and add other vegetables, along with a bit of fruit to keep things sweet.

DIY recipe: The sky’s the limit on flavor combinations with fresh fruits so go ahead and blend your own combos.
At a skinny 60 calories and only 11 grams of sugar, Fruttare Mango packs big flavor yet less sugar than most store-bought frozen fruit bars. Eating Well magazine’s Green Smoothie or Good Green Tea Smoothie are good choices that use whole fruits and vegetables and so offer plenty of healthy fiber. Supermarket “green” drinks typically list fruit juices as their main ingredients and sadly contain very little of the “green stuff.” So what you’re sipping is a lot of simple fruit sugar — think adult soda pop — that’s absorbed quickly instead of being buffered by the fiber in whole fruits. With a less-than-reliable thirst mechanism in later years, it’s common for water reserve to drop too low.

Eight ounces (about half the bottle) of Naked Green Machine racks up 140 calories and 33 grams of simple carbs. Eight ounces of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Fruit Smoothie (again, about half the bottle) weighs in with 140 calories and 30 grams of simple carbs.

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