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There are plenty of healthy food delivery services in Manila where people may order food online but I have seen nothing quite like Green Dot Vegetarian Catering and Healthy Food Delivery Service. With busy schedule and strong will to still eat freshly prepared healthy food, it is understandable that people resort to this kind of delivery services these days. Since it is their specialty, I went ahead and order some of the Indian food I liked to feast on. First thing on my list is their Butter Naan which is my default choice when eating Indian cuisine.
There are several choices of Basmati rice on Green Dot's menu but I went for their Palak Paneer Biryani ( Spinach and Cottage Cheese Basmati Rice), and I am glad I did. I am also happy that they ventured into home food delivery service despite being already successful in catering business. So if like me, healthy home food delivery service is something that works well for you due to your busy schedule, I suggest that you try Green Dot. With summer just around the corner, I've been hitting the gym double time to get that bikini bod I’ve always wanted. I, myself, although am not confined in a full time 8-to-5 job still find it hard sometimes to prepare a meal or eat out especially when pressed for time due to some tasks at hand.

I love the fact that the packaging is very neat as everything is neatly tucked in a transparent microwaveable container. It is still hot when it arrive so the buttery smell and the softness of the bread were notably enticing.
I have tried several vegetarian curry dishes before with mock meat but this one by far was the best one I've ever had. The chunks of cottage cheese were generous while the buttery sauce made up of tomatoes, onion paste, and Indian spices made it all the more palatable.
I am lucky that although I have deep affinity for meat, I was raised to love vegetarian food as well, all thanks to my father. I am not a vegetarian but I appreciate no-meat food varieties and I must say that Green Dot's offerings are by far one of the bet I have tried. Their specialty is Indian food but they also offer other varieties such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian Cuisine. Majority of the food indicated on their website is Indian food, but then again, they also offer other cuisine.
It has a balance of spice and savory flavor that even my sister who is not a big fan of Indian dishes took a great liking for it.

I tried eating it with plain rice since our rice already had Paneer on it and it was just amazing especially when doused with the creamy sauce. But staying true to my Indian Food Feast theme, I ordered their Gulab Jamun, a famous Indian dessert and I got no regret with this option.
I am glad to be introduced to Green Dot Catering and Healthy Food Home Delivery Service because truth be told, their take on Indian food is just impeccably amazing.
Green Dot started primarily as the only vegetarian catering service in the Philippines and then later on ventured into home food delivery service. Do not be afraid to contact them and ask if they can prepare certain vegetarian dish for you which is not on the menu.
But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of taking note of everything you eat, you can pre-order a diet plan. They also provide snacks to munch on during the day, like turon with langka and homemade banana bread with English Breakfast Tea.

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