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The Infant & Toddler Forum, a team of UK specialist pediatricians, psychologists and dieticians who work together to improve nutrition in the under-three age group, have put together Ten Steps, an easy-to-use guide on what food to offer toddlers and how best to manage mealtimes. Even better, the Ten Steps can be given out to childminders like nursery staff or grandparents, so that everyone is offering your toddler the same care. Click here to read all of the Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers, along with other information and handy tools on feeding them. To really drive your kids wild with excitement, I've found a dollop of whipping cream and a light touch of sprinkles makes even the pickiest eaters go ga-ga for the good stuff. Once you make these easy, healthy-esque sweet potato crackers, you’ll be floored at how few ingredients are in a box of store-bought crackers. Bake in a preheated 350 F oven on an ungreased parchment paper-lined jelly roll pan or cookie sheet for 10 minutes until bottoms are slightly browned. I was looking for a use for all of the extra sweet potato puree I had from making my daughters baby food today and I came across this recipe.
The original recipe suggests boiling it in water but I prefer to roast it in a 400 degree oven for about 45-50 minutes.
Moreover, because of their growing sense of independence, it is not uncommon for you to hear a loud persistent “NO!” every time you offer them food (especially if it looks suspicious to them). But healthy eating in this age group (one to three years old) isn't just important for growth and development, toddlers learn eating habits at this stage, too.
Step one, for example, suggests families eat together, and to strive for happy, relaxed mealtimes.

I found this sweet potato crackers recipe from the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission, making some ingredient changes to make it a little more kid-friendly as well as adapt the instructions for my KitchenAid Mixer. Simple ingredients like eggs, pulses and beans can quickly be transformed into a delicious and nutritious supper.OmelettesOmelette can make great finger food for younger children if you cut it into strips with scissors.
Choosing the right food for your toddler can be quite tricky but getting your toddler to eat the food you have prepared can be more challenging. However, no matter how challenging it might get, you cannot turn your back or give in to your toddler’s demands, as nutrition plays an essential role in toddler development. Take note of the “NO-foods”: Do not give them nuts, food with seeds, raisins, popcorn, hotdog chunks, grapes, and other foods that can cause aspiration. What you offer them now could shape their attitude about food and food choices in later life.
So anyway, however you cook your sweet potato then let it cool, remove the skin and puree using a hand blender (these are the best for making purees) until it’s a smooth mixture.
Hi Micah, the first time I made them I left out the milk because we were out and it worked out fine, in fact the dough was a little sticky when I rolled it (so I had to add some flour to the rolling surface and pin until it was easy enough to roll) so I decided to leave it out going forward.
Toddlers are picky eaters, given that their drive to explore keeps them more interested in poking around and trying new things rather than sitting in their high chair during family meals. We’ve pulled together our most popular recipes, our latest additions and our editor’s picks, so there’s sure to be something tempting for you to try.
If you ever succeed in getting them to sit in their high chair, you are still up for a battle, as toddlers would naturally love to splatter food all over their high-chair tray, floor, and even on their hair.

Give time: Allow her sufficient time to eat but remove the food once she begins to play with it.
Subscribe to BBC Good Food magazine and get triple-tested recipes delivered to your door, every month. Foods like nuts, milk, sweet potato, oatmeal, eggs, salmon, orange juice, beans, spinach are great for children. While eating, explain to her the importance of eating healthy foods.Children have varying personalities so do not worry if your neighbor is not having eating problems with his toddler, while yours is the picky or fussy one. However, if you can see that your toddler’s eating habits or pattern is becoming a health issue, which could affect toddler development, it would be best to consult your pediatrician. Keeping a logbook about your child’s food intake can help determine whether your child is not eating more than she should. Children at age 2 can use a spoon to feed themselves and at 3-4 years old, they can already use a fork.3. Offer choices: To avoid making the dinner table a possible warzone, offer choices to your toddler. Offer your toddler nutritious finger foods or foods on the go such as carrot stars (cooked and thinly sliced carrots shaped like a star), broccoli, and cheese sticks.

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