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A big part of FLO Living is learning to embrace cooking simple, tasty, healthy meals at home and to have fun experimenting with recipes using your cycle-synched food plan. More than that, eating out done properly does not have to set you back in terms of your hormonal health goals. Tweet: I no longer look at eating out as an opportunity to “indulge” in unhealthy ways, but instead support my FLO when I’m out. I wanted to share my best strategies with you – this is exactly what I do when I go out to eat to stay on protocol and in the FLO! I KNOW for certain that when I’m out and about, when my blood sugar needs a boost, I will not be anywhere near food that’s good for my FLO – so I just don’t leave it up to chance. If you’re needing some health upgrading, it’s time you started you looking into what’s going on with your hormones. I’ve designed a quiz to help you understand exactly what’s out of whack and how you can start getting back to balance so that your hormones no longer have to suffer.
Well this article particularly caught my attention because I had confessed to eating baby food to a vendor just earlier today commenting on the boathouse farms strawberry banana smoothie.
Healthy eating is more than just the odd piece of fruit or low-fat meal — it's a lifestyle. We know that it can be all too easy to forget good intentions about healthy eating and end up over-indulging on the wrong foods. Look at how the dish is cooked — go for grilled or baked foods over fried or roasted.
Watch your alcohol intake — while one or two drinks a day may be beneficial to health and could help protect against heart disease and osteoporosis, any more than this can have the opposite effect.

Slimmers should also try to stick to one or two courses and watch portion size — a study in the US found that portion sizes in food outlets had grown by up to 700 per cent in the last 30 years! Try not to add salt at the table — most foods will already have been seasoned in the kitchen.
Frequent consumption of fast food isn’t recommended, but if you have to go down this route, choose a plain hamburger or chicken kebab with salad. With award-winning restaurants and innovative chefs offering outstanding food throughout the Bay Area, it’s easy to understand why people in the region go out to eat an average of three times a week, according to Zagat’s 2013 Top Restaurants in America Survey.
The first step to making healthy choices at restaurants: Make a game plan in advance and stick with it, Dr. Ask how your food will be prepared. Choose fresh fish or lean meats that are grilled, steamed, baked or roasted rather than fried dishes.
Make dessert a special order. Indulge in desserts only occasionally, not every time you go out. About This BlogThis blog offers articles & general health tips from our medical experts to promote wellness. Don’t wait until your food comes out to tell the server that you wanted specific healthy changes made. It’s very unlikely you’ll find somewhere that uses organic grain for the bread, which means you’ll be eating grain soaked in RoundUp pesticide, which is an endocrine disrupting chemical. I like rethinking my eatting out strategy not to indulge, but to find meals to continue to support my Flo. I like the food pouch idea because those can be in my purse for the times I’m in a rush.

Then I can eat them instead of bread wherever i go, specially useful for breakfast if I spend a night out in a hotel. It can be difficult to be healthy all the time, especially when everyone else is enjoying themselves. There are also some delicious spicy noodle salads and grilled fish dishea out there to try.
Yet there’s a downside to all this delicious food: Numerous studies show that people consume significantly more calories when dining out than eating at home.
What I love about this is that I can get a few of each thing, share with whoever I’m eating with and I get to experience more of the menu. Several years ago, Happy Family Baby Food came out with these ingenious BPA free squeeze pouches full of their delicious organic baby food blends. For example, if you know you’re eating out for dinner, focus on making healthy choices for your other meals that day. If you do take the salad, of course leave out those creamy dressings, the bacon and the blue cheese.
So I’ve learned to find cuisines that are much easier to work with and give me TONS of options on the menu – I love to feel abundant when I eat out!

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