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With such a kaleidoscope of diet choices out there, it really begs the question; is there a certain diet plan worth following, or should I just use my intuition and eat healthily. This eagerness to consume only good foods and completely ban evil ones, urges you to endorse a negative and awkward approach to certain types of food.
Instead of labelling foods as good or bad, delete any food black lists you’ve compiled and start thinking of food in terms of healthiness levels. So, instead of thinking of food as little devils jam-packed with calories, think of how you can benefit yourself by consuming them; be it nutrition, health boosting, or weight loss. Truth be told, there will be a time when you will be all fed up with your strict diet, so it would be wise if you predecided on certain diet-breaking meals you could include in your diet. Consuming bad foods whilst might sound counterproductive, it is a vital part of a successful diet. Another way for you to generate a positive association with food, is by occasionally opting out of your diet and resuming normal food consumption.
As it often happens, when on a diet, your metabolism starts slowing down, so you are forced to reduce your calorie intake even more, reaching a point of insufficient and unhealthy food intake.
Succeeding in your weight loss goals means to start investing in a healthy relationship with food, food is your fuel after all, treat it as such. In the past, people with PKU were advised to stop their low phe diet when they were children.
Our food choices – what we eat, how we eat, when we eat, affect not only our physical health but also have a huge impact on our mental health that can be a major deciding factor on how we feel every day. Our food choices – what we eat, how we eat, when we eat affect not only our physical health but also have a huge impact on our mental health & can be a major deciding factor on how we feel every day.

As someone, who has worked in the nutrition field for a long period of time, I am frequently asked about healthy diets. Hello everyone, I am Kimberly, a Licensed Nutritionist with a BA in Food Science and Nutrition.
Together we dive in, dig deep and do comprehensive research for health related programs and products, and thanks to our clients, we actually test most of the products with the help of our clients (naturally with their permission and full knowledge). As my New Year’s resolution, I gave up dieting, stopped worrying about my weight and learned to eat mindfully.
From best-selling books and pills, to prepared meals and spring loaded gadgets guaranteed to produce striking ABS, the choice is endless. People preoccupied with the evilness of foods might end up obsessing about it, turning the latter into some calorie monster that needs to be constantly in check.
If you start thinking about how healthy or unhealthy a food is, it will entirely change your approach to food, enabling you to accentuate the positive side of it, like nutrition, nourishment and fat loss boosting. Ideally, you should have  diet-breaking meals 3-4 times per month, to really understand how there is no bad food, just food misuse.
This will allow you to realize that in order to maintain your new weight you will not have to keep depriving yourself from food, just eat normally and always in moderation. Many people who follow a low phenylalanine (phe) food pattern eat special low protein breads and pastas. These foods are high protein foods, such as milk, dairy products, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, and nuts. However, if these foods were the only foods a person consumed, his or her diet would be lacking protein, vitamins, and minerals.

With formula, a person with PKU gets plenty of protein, without the side effects of the high phe content of most foods.
A healthy diet is tough to follow as the delicious ones are more attractive and the healthy ones are less attractive.
Many people understand the basics of putting together a healthy diet, but they’re unsure what foods to include. With the help of my husband Alex, who is a Certified Personal Trainer we created this website to help You to learn all about available programs and resources for diet, weight loss, nutrition and everything else to live healthy & long life. I believe the key to health, and even to weight loss, is in balance, an overall healthy approach to food, and plenty of exercise.
This often results in some eating disorder, if one is not careful with their relationship with food, sternly compromising their emotional and physical health. This will establish in your mind how eating  allegedly, evil foods, won’t make you fat again.  More importantly, this will also mitigate your views on what bad foods really are. They are nearly free of phe, allow greater freedom in food choices, and provide energy and variety in the food pattern. Hence, it is necessary to know why is it important to eat healthy to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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