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admin | Healthy Vegetables List | 01.07.2014
As you’re doing your planning for the Memorial Day weekend, consider some of your healthier options. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 35.9 percent of American adults, age 20 years and over, are considered obese. While the number has fluctuated over the last decade, the truth is that what Americans eat, and how we eat, has a lot to do with our health, and lack thereof.

In addition, the typical entrepreneur has probably the zaniest and unhealthiest eating habits. Feeding cows grains and corn fattened them up, creating more meat, and more money…and more health problems for the consumers down the line. While we can’t say “no” to these on-the-go meals, desk-side nibbles, or our crucial client meetings, we can learn to look for healthier options when we choose what to eat.

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