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Developing the habit of having a daily routine can make a big difference in our life as we frow up. As children, we mostly crave for eating junk food and parents arev not always successful in keeping us away from these refreshments.
Habits define our life- how happy we are or how successful we are- these things reflect the habits we practice since childhood. Habits are sometimes compulsory and every human being needs to develop good habits from childhood that should be carried forward even at the dawn of age. As children, we should learn to clean up messy things and let this habit accompany us throughout our life.

Inspite of all these, a child should be taught to eat healthy so that he maintains a healthy lifestyle even as adults. Good habits formed from start reflect our personality as we grow up and help us to be a person of etiquettes and elegance. A regular habit of writing thank you notes helps in modeling the habit of showing gratitude in all. This habit helps us to take care of our belongings and maintain a clean place even for others.
The habit of positive thinking gets reinforced and we learn to lead a stress free life as we grow up.

So the habit of smiling and spreading one should be developed and carried forward throughout our life.

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