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I really, really wanted to dislike Pinterest—all those crafts and elaborately-decorated cupcakes and the overall Etsy aesthetic. If your tastes tend more toward avocado gazpacho and beet chips than pretzel turtles and cherry coke cupcakes, here are a few recipe pinboards to follow (in addition to us, of course).
We Cannot Even: Vegan Mac And Cheese With Butternut SquashMay the holiday recipe bookmarking begin!
Check out our top healthy food Pinterest boards to get you inspired to eat cleaner in 2013!
We have learned how to make our own hipster bracelets, pinned our dream homes and planned weddings for even the un-engaged – all on Pinterest. I hope some of these recipes will help be of help to you when you are in a jam trying to think of dinner ideas. This tomato cheddar gratin is a favorite recipe around here (it was dubbed Tomatoes Somerset in the book). So when I was browsing through some very long-ago posts and found this amazing recipe for cookie granola, I had to re-post it so you’ll see it again.

Even better, this homemade red pepper hummus recipe is very low in fat, as it uses just a tablespoon of toasted sesame oil instead of tahini for a ton of sesame flavor with just a bit of oil. They find the best of the best when it comes to vegan recipes online; a collection of all the blogs out there. I know that these are sure to be some of my favorite recipes for when I am hard pressed to come up with something quick.
Find all the raw, green, whole, vegan or gluten-free goodies you enjoy here on Pinterest too!
We love the way this pinner combines colorful photos, infographics and, of course, deliciously healthy recipes! Once you have tried these ones head over to Pinterest and do some searches and you will be shocked by all the dinner ideas that you can find there! And while late-season tomatoes are still around, do yourself a favor: Make this cheddary tomato gratin recipe.
To make things easier, we’ve laid out our top 13 recipe boards for you to follow and repin stat.

When I am looking I try to think of that I want chicken, beef, pasta etc and then search for chicken recipes… I decided that today I would compile a list of some dinner ideas for you guys that I found while searching around on Pinterest. The recipes on these pages inspire so much fun and healthy eating in our households; let us know if it does the same for you and which ones you try!
I am always searching for dinner ideas so I figured I would share some of the recipes I have found with you. Any kind of pasta; this soup recipe is a great way to use up random half-portion remnants of dried pasta.

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