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We’re proud to say that across the country, people have chosen to ditch their fad diets in favor of living healthy. Our Greek Frozen Yogurt is the perfect anytime treat that comes in a variety of flavors, like our mouthwatering Strawberry.
Check out Healthy Choice on Facebook for a community that forgoes fad dieting and eats healthy instead. Even families that cook dinner from scratch have those days when there’s nothing to eat. In the last 50 years, food manufacturers have seen a surge in demand for what was once called TV Dinners. By the way, On the Healthy Choice website, they’ll gladly boast their nutrition info, but the ingredient lists cannot be found. Bottom line: From a nutrition perspective, this product is probably less worrisome compared to other frozen meals.
Too many people grab quickly any food choice without thinking twice or reading what they are actually eating.

As a widower who hates to cook, I have recently been eating a lot of frozen microwaveable dinners, and the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers are my favorites. The Healthy Choice line of frozen dinners are just fine …this article does not disprove that.
You are being ridiculous to blame all of this on Healthy Choice meals or any meal for that matter. We blended real strawberries with refreshing tart Greek Frozen Yogurt for a treat that's low in calories and high in creamy deliciousness.
For rainy days, choose options that have mostly recognizable ingredient lists, that are low in sodium (less than 500mg), and are low in sugar (less than 6g) too.
We just have to re-establish a healthy relationship with food and our eating choices and make both a priority.
If you were to make a similar dinner at home, you’d be hard pressed to get a good taste without adding significantly higher fat and salt to make it taste as good.
I think buying frozen veggies, fruit, and meat are all fine (and a lot of meat has been frozen anyways before it gets to the store).

Fact is home cooked meals are generally worse than the frozen Healthy Choice entrees once you have added butter,fat,salt etc. The real problem with frozen foods are when packagers add extra ingredients, with preservatives and stuff. But really, try making this same dinner at home in the same portion size and it would be difficult to make it as healthy and still edible tasting. With a wide assortment of dishes, you can eat Healthy Choice dinners and not worry about them.

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