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We stock a variety of healthy snacks and beverages, including reduced fat, low sodium and low cholesterol chips, candy bars, cookies and packaged foods. Fat Free Fruit Snacks for those watching Fat Grams, Cashews for those counting sugar grams. Our healthy choice programs help consumers locate vending machine choices to promote and support a healthy lifestyle.
We removed almost all the fat but left all the fun in this arrangement "blooming" with healthy snacks and a few stems of hard candy. Guilt Free Snacks & Candy Bouquet for Students A candy bouquet is ideal way to show your college or boarding school student that you are thinking of them. With our healthy vending machines, we make healthy choices even more convenient that the fast-food places.

Our Guilt Free Bouquet is sure to put a smile on the face of your health conscious student away at college or boarding school.
We are all guilty of giving our little peanuts some candy and sugar here and there and if you are like us then you have a trusty sucker stash in the diaper bag for those moments you just need took them occupied or a quick fix to a temper tantrum. Healthier alternatives lead to healthier employees who are more productive, take fewer sick days and cost less for insurance. Even better, this bouquet can be delivered to your student's college or boarding school campus and is the ideal gift to celebrate every occasion (i.e.
We have been trying to beĀ  bit more healthy when it comes to our little peanuts and have been looking for healthy and easy treat ideas our peanuts will love. We found this amazing recipe for healthy gummy bear treats and we just had to give it a try for ourselves!

Guilt Free Snacks & Candy Bouquet for Students includes a bouquet of low fat snacks such as: Snyder's Pretzels Quaker Granola Gars Planter's Peanuts Mixed Fruit Chews and more make! With only a few simple ingredients that you can get at your grocery store + they are so easy to make you will be hooked as well!

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