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Starting the day off with a meal might seem like a waste of calories, especially if you’re trying to shed those holiday pounds, but eating breakfast actually helps rev up your metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day.
The trick is to make healthy breakfast choices, loaded with fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy protein.
6)    Chia pudding – Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse, and a bowl of chia pudding is as healthy as it is delicious. 7)    Loaded blueberry muffins – If your mornings are super rushed, making a batch of muffins on the weekend is a great way to have the kitchen stocked with grab-and-go breakfast food. This breakfast round-up comes at a good time because my breakfasts were all over the place while on holiday.
My goal for this week is to get into a normal breakfast routine again and back on the Green Monster train! Angela- I am making your stawberry shortcake stacked pancakes at the bed and breakfast tomorrow.
During weekdays with hectic school schedule and busy office routine, breakfast is the only effective meal time when I can stuff my kids and hubby with all the goodness of fruits, nuts and cereals. You can find various breakfast Recipes in this category which are healthy, saves me a lot of time during morning rush hours and are liked by my family. Biological clock: Break the fast of several hours of abstinence from food, is what breakfast literally mean.
Children who eat breakfast are alert, creative, develop concentration and perform well academically s compared to those children who skip breakfast. In elders eating a wholesome breakfast can prevent fatigue, increase concentration, productivity and helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

Improvising traditional breakfast: Indian traditional breakfast is normally high-carbohydrates and very low on nutrients. The same traditional meals can be improvised on nutrition to make it more healthy and wholesome. In this section all the recipes are simple & quick to make and are loaded with nutrition to keep you ticking for long on a busy day. As the busy holiday season approaches, the breakfast hour (especially on weekends) can be a welcoming time for families to gather, eat and share their plans for the day and week ahead. Winter citrus is the perfect ingredient to give these chocolate chip muffins some holiday pizzazz!Get the recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen. Walnuts, cinnamon spice, sweet raisins and holiday fuyu persimmons turn your oatmeal into something fit for the holidays.Get the recipe from Healthy.
Pumpkin spice flavors mingle with chai tea, soy milk - plenty of real pumpkin.Get the recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen.
A pile of extra ripe bananas, some vegan chocolate chips and some baking ingredients are all you need to enjoy these healthy morning muffins - with a little bit of sinful chocolate in each bite.Get the recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen.
Pumpkin and apple cider create a delicious, refreshing smoothie - topped with coconut whip and gingersnap crumbles.Get the recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen.
Creamy white coconut milk, espresso and soy blend into a blissful sip with the accent of coconut.Get the recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen. Festive pomegranate flavors create this perky pink breakfast smoothie.Get the recipe from Healthy. I have gone through periods of chronic breakfast-skipping, and making time for even a small breakfast always makes my mornings so much better!

This granola bar recipe makes enough bars for my husband and I both to eat, and it lasts us all week long. I was eating random things like dinner leftovers, odds and ends (read: cookies), and sometimes I forgot to pack enough breakfast food while away and got by on random pieces of fruit. And there’s no better way to bring your family to the breakfast table than by serving them a homemade, holiday-inspired, smells-so-good-it-pulls-them-out-of-bed breakfast.
Give it a sprinkle of cinnamon spice for some extra holiday flare.Get the recipe from Healthy. Well infuse those banana-walnut flavors into a warm breakfast bowl of oats, wheat or quinoa.Get the recipe from Healthy.
I like to make tofu scrambles on a lazy Sunday morning, and usually I base mine on this recipe from The PPK. From warm pumpkin pie oatmeal, pumpkin pecan cinnamon buns, pomegranate smoothies and even a pumpkin-infused breakfast sandwich worth craving — these 18 Vegan Holiday Season Breakfast Recipes will make morning a very happy family time. Creamy arborio rice is an elegant change from classic breakfast cereal varieties.Get the recipe from Healthy. Like the chia pudding, this recipe is pretty much ready, so you don’t have a lot to do in the morning.
If you’re in a breakfast slump, check out these vegan breakfast ideas to kickstart your morning routine!

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