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To know about all the nutritional facts of banana in detail go through our effective health benefits of banana.Top 5 Health Benefits Of BananaTreating diarrheaWhenever you suffer from diarrhea try to indulge foods that are rich in potassium, as most of the electrolytes get lost in large quantities when suffering from diarrhea and one of the foods that are rich in potassium is banana. Banana which is an excellent source of potassium aid in promoting your health conditions to replenish the lost potassium.Weight Loss A natural sweet that aid in losing weight for weight loss challengers is banana. Try to have banana after dinner or in mornings that help in gaining 90 calories and soluble fibers which are good for body strength. The fibers that are present in banana digest slowly and make your stomach to feel full for long time.Kidney cancerBanana which is an excellent source of fructose, sucrose and calcium help in preventing kidney cancer and in boosting the immune system.
The digestible flesh that in present in banana aid in gaining instant energy and to increase your bone strength.

This fruit even act as an excellent supplement for underweight children.Heart healthVitamin C, vitamin B6, fibers, nutrients and the minerals that are present in banana decreases the sodium intake and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. As low sodium intake is quite essential to lower the blood pressure and heart stokes.Makes you look smarterIt boosts your memory power, so if possible try to have a banana before going to examinations. This high source antioxidants beneficial fruit even aids to improve your skin tone and to prevent diabetics.Nutritional Facts In BananaCaloric ContentValues per 100 gms.
Additionally bananas are a great weight loss food because they are filling as well as their sweet taste helps curb cravings.Heart health AdvantagesBanana is one of the best natural sources of potassium containing 450-550 mg which is almost 15% of daily value (DV) for this essential mineral.
Various studies around the world have suggested that people who eat foods rich in potassium have much lower risks of high blood pressure, stroke and other heart diseases.Daily eating of one Banana helps in reducing systolic blood pressure by 10-15 points.

According to a research done in Italy (University of Naples) eating plenty of bananas may significantly reduce blood pressure that you may not need any medication.Banana keeps low density lipoproteins (LDL) or the bad cholesterol from oxidizing there by stopping the plaque to stick to the walls of the arteries. Banana is a good source of electrolyte such as potassium which gets depleted when you get dehydrated.

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