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To be successful in losing weight it must first be determined by a medical professional if there are any possible medical conditions that are in the way of weight loss. In the Increased Metabolic Needs of Pregnancy, Simeons stated that HCG targets these metabolically inactive fat stores without the body perceiving a food shortage. Our modified HCG program blends a limited caloric intake (starting at 1000 calories) with a ketogenic diet (20-60 grams of carbohydrates a day). In our modified HCG program we teach you to count calories to achieve HCG success while also counting carbohydrates to achieve ketogenic success. You should not use HCG during other cancers that have been shown to secrete HCG such as Barrett’s Esophagitis (not a cancer), lung cancer, adenocarinoma and testicular cancer.
The body doesn’t perceive such a food shortage because HCG releases extra calories into the blood. Homeopathic HCG is diluted to such a point that it is completely unreasonable to expect any level of actual HCG hormone in homeopathic preparations.

People report not being hungry on this program and typically are very pleased with their weight loss, typically 3-5 lbs a week. HCG causes increased utilization of fat reserves during a limited caloric intake while the ketogenic shift towards decreasing carbohydrates further demands the use of fat reserves.
There is also research that indicates that HCG might be a future treatment for breast cancer. Dr Simeons was an Italian doctor that discovered and first started using the hormone HCG for weight loss. It is the hormonal action of HCG that is thought to produce weight loss along with a restricted calorie diet.
I’m yet to experience any metabolic down regulating affects as in a 500 calorie homeopathic diet programs….homeopathic HCG is not the hormone HCG. Our HCG weight loss program uses 150-250IUs for injection per day and 500IUs oral (some of this dose will be broken down by the first pass liver metabolism).

So there is some controversy around these subjects and it is best simply not to use HCG with the above cases until more is known. The body looks to save inactive stores for times of food shortages and pregnancy.So often we see people go on low calorie programs only to gain the weight back after they return to their normal diets. Get ready to drop the pounds quickly, safely and keep them off with our modified 1000 calories HCG program.
Considering the low doses of HCG used during weight loss compared to present during pregnancy HCG Weight Loss is very safe. The end result is safe, rapid weight loss without the risk of metabolically down shifting and harming metabolism.

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