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admin | Weight Loss Fitness Program | 25.02.2013
While hip hop and EDM are two dominant genres in today’s music scene, some men aren’t interested in what’s on the radio.
To play the music from these lists above and millions of more songs from our library, just start a free Rockbot trial. With such a wide, varied demographic, it can be hard for gyms to pick the right music that’ll inspire every customer.

Straight off today’s radio, these hip hop tunes are equipped with heavy, catchy beats, a high BPM (beats per minute) to boost workout performance, and lyrics full of bravado.
The best playlists for gyms contain at least a portion of EDM to satisfy the younger crowd.
To those at the gym keeping the spirit of rock alive, we know that you need to hear some Zeppelin to spark the flame, and we salute you.

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