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Become certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Wellness Consultant, Nutrition Coach, or Pilates Instructor. If you are interested in advancing your career as a fitness professional, signing up is simple! Bundled certifications offer a special deal for the ambitious and forward-thinking fitness professional. The National Association for Fitness Certification has been recognized and approved as a full affiliate of the National Board of Fitness Examiners. NBFE insures credibility for the fitness industry by setting and maintaining the national standard of practice in our field.
The National Association for Fitness Certification was established in 1992 to provide scientifically-based, standards-focused education and training for Group Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Wellness Consultants. If you are enthusiastic, and you love to teach group exercise classes, this program is for you.
How to put a group fitness class together – including music, choreography, body sculpting exercises, stretching, and more!
The great thing about becoming a Group Exercise Instructor is that you have endless career and business opportunities.

Kennesaw State University is offering a new Group Fitness Instructor certification program beginning Feb. The NAFC's combination of demanding standards, practical application of scientific principles, and affordable program pricing have defined it as the most rapidly-expanding certifying organization in the industry today. Some primary careers include: Working with clients at a gym, health club, fitness center, spa or resort. Previously, Norma was nominated as one of the top three fitness professionals in the world.
You will learn muscular anatomy, how to teach group exercise classes that will include a warm-up, cardiorespiratory section (low-high), sculpting, cool-down and stretch, and much more. The course will give students the knowledge to design and teach any class better, lead all fitness levels more effectively, and deliver memorable participant experiences.
As a result, group fitness has exploded in the past five years with more than 22 million annual participants.
Norma holds certifications in Pilates, personal training, group fitness, kickboxing, indoor cycling, water fitness and many others. In addition, Norma travels the world presenting the latest training information to fitness professionals.

Many experts with this credential train in groups to help more people and earn more money per hour.
11, will give students the knowledge to design and teach any class better, lead all fitness levels more effectively, and deliver memorable participant experiences. You can become an expert for authority websites such as WebMD, eHow and Livestrong.  You can become a frequent expert guest on podcasts, radio shows, TV talk shows, news programs or in industry publications.
Additionally, she earned her MBA from Bloomsburg University, is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, and is the CEO of Real Fitness.
Choosing proper music, principles of adherence and motivation, exercising for special populations with an emphasis on pregnancy, managing common injures, running a fitness business and the legal and professional responsibilities associated with it are also covered.

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