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admin | Low Carb Meal Ideas | 27.02.2014
For starters, this one-minute-breakfast is a much healthier option than the McMuffins your fellow dorm dwellers will be eating in the morning.
Your basic quesadilla, made with flour tortillas and greasy cheese, isn’t the healthiest choice for in-dorm dining.
Ramen is an easy way to make a meal in mere minutes, but the salty seasoning that comes with the noodles is full of MSG and loaded with sodium.
Christina is one of our pescetarian members, and today she shares how simplifying dinner but still cooking healthy, balanced meals has made her life easier in her kitchen. Favorite Cook Smarts meal: The Sesame-Teriyaki Salmon and Sesame-Soy Cucumber with Rice is a winner in our household. To join Christina and cook meals like her favorite teriyaki salmon, sign up for our meal plan service. I'm Jess Dang, and I started Cook Smarts because I'm passionate about helping home cooks live happier, simpler, and smarter in the kitchen. Good Housekeeping the Great Potluck Cookbook: Our Favorite Recipes for Carry-In Suppers, Brunch Buffets, Tailgate Parties & More!
But make a few changes to this Mexican food classic and you’ll have yourself a much healthier option. Our menus are simple, healthy, and can be customized for the paleo, vegetarian, & gluten-free eater.

Eat Your Books has indexed recipes from leading cookbooks and magazines as well recipes from the best food websites and blogs. All you need is bread (I love the healthy bread brand Ezekiel), peanut butter, your favorite jelly, and one banana, sliced. Between endless buffets of cafeteria food and late night, post-party munchies, cooking a homemade meal might not seem like the easiest go-to option for many coeds.
To make your ramen healthier, hold the seasoning packet and instead add steamed veggies and a salad dressing for flavor. The picture of that meal was not cooked in a microwave, it was obviously cooked either on a stove top [in a pan] or in the oven [broiled]. I just saw another post the other day with a similar suggestion to you with regards to the oatmeal and am excited to try cooking it with milk instead of water (so much added flavor and creaminess). The ability to cook allows me to: put healthy and nourishing meals on the table and teach my kids the importance of eating delicious food that is also good for you.
I love to cook but always picked extremely labor-intensive recipes, which is not very smart with three kids running around. Our meal plan service gives you the tools to live happier in the kitchen and become a smarter home cook along the way.
But with an open mind and a creative outlook on some of your favorite comfort foods, making a meal in the dorms can be simpler than one might think!

The things that I addressed were NOT cooked in a microwave, nor did you cook and photograph them. Jess’ cooking videos have really helped me become more efficient in the kitchen and my knife-skills have vastly improved. Get our 3 most popular resources + lots of other smart cooking freebies when you sign-up for our weekly newsletter filled with inspiring meal ideas and the answers to your cooking challenges.
If I put good food on the table and give my kids the opportunity to eat it, then that is the best I can do to raise healthy eaters.
Cook SmartsWe create weekly meal plans and smart cooking information to empower our community to lead their healthiest lives.
For me, meeting with a nutritionist was very helpful to ensure I’m making the healthiest decisions for myself and my family.
I no longer have to pull out a stack of cookbooks to figure out what’s for dinner that week. We create awesome tools (like meal plans!) to empower our community to lead their healthiest lives.

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