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Juice and soup is the name of the game with the Martha’s Vineyard Diet, a detox plan supermodel Gisele Bundchen turns to whenever she needs to lose weight. The main reason this diet works for Giselle, other than the fact she’s not eating any solids, is that she cuts all processed foods and other toxins from her diet, which the diet’s creator claims make it impossible to lose weight.
The original diet plan however, if followed for 21 days, does incorporate some solid foods at the end of the detox, slowly adding eat in oatmeal and stir-fried vegetables. Gisele also exercises each day to help along the detox, but she keeps it low impact so she doesn’t over work her body (the one downside of it is that it is low in protein).
Each morning after getting up, Giselle would start out by having hot herbal tea, usually lemon (no caffeine is allowed on this diet). While this diet is certainly challenging, a detox plan that strips the body of toxins, it’s has proven to be a great “body reset” for Gisele and other celebs.
Highest paid model of the world and the first billionaire of modeling industry, Gisele Bundchen is a legendary Brazilian model.
She always kept an eye on her diet even in her pregnancies and seldom filled her stomach with anything and everything that came across her like most of the pregnant women do. Owning to her skill of keeping balance in all the domains of life, Gisele never undermines the importance of proper sleep along-with workouts and diet. Make workouts an indispensable part of your life, and make sure that your workouts justify your diet.

Highly dedicated towards her workouts, Gisele performs variety of exercises to maintain her trim figure.
To add fun and exhilaration in her workouts, Gisele plays Brazilian body surfing and water polo water aerobics, which includes swimming and underwater running.
And under the guidance of Yao Li, Gisele practices Kung fu for three days in a week for 90 minutes. While consuming 1600 calories in a day, the model takes a lot of coco juice and fresh fruits in her diet.
This diet’s name, taken from the east coast island of the rich and famous, is also home to the diet creator‘s holistic retreat. And although t’s a temporary diet, many celebs have incorporated it into their way of life, typically doing it one day a week. Giselle says she also feels more energized and sharper of mind whenever she’s on the diet.
She would either exercise on the mini trampoline for 20 minutes, walk a mile a day, jump rope or do yoga. For busy celebs like Giselle, they sometimes have their juices pre-made in the morning, which she would take with her to make sure she followed this diet plan without cheating (since going to restaurants is definitely out of the question).
Tall and gorgeous Gisele not only has a fab body, but also has immense vibrant energy and an electrifying attitude.

It was all due to her prudent diet and dedication to workouts that she gained just 30 pounds in her pregnancies. The supermodel turns 33 on Saturday, and whether she's going glam on the cover of a magazine or spending time with her two kids, Gisele always has a healthy glow. Her book “21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha Stewart Vineyard Diet” was a New York Times Best Seller in 2007, and one of the most notable slim downs on her diet is Robin Quivers, side-kick of radio host Howard Stern (who lost 70 pounds).
The original plan however is meant to be followed for 21 days, but there are several variations of the diet.
Credited with the sexiest legs in the industry, Gisele didn’t get her perfectly toned legs and curved figure in two days from some magic spell.
She prefers including raw foods in her diet and maintains distance from canned or preserved food. While she probably has a few good genes on her side, Gisele leads an active lifestyle that includes a varied fitness routine.

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