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Aside from the touchscreen, the Kindle Touch doesn't bring any significant changes or do anything better than the non-touch Kindles. The Kindle Touch has a plain, minimalistic design with a gray casing and just one button below the screen that directs to the homescreen. One thing that stands out is the fact that the screen is inset deeper than other touchscreen ereaders, nearly an eighth on an inch. Speaking of screen, the Kindle Touch has a 6-inch E Ink Pearl screen, just like the Kindle 4 and Kindle 3. One-handed use with the Kindle Touch works fine while reading, being able to tap the screen with a thumb, but interacting with the Kindle Touch in other aspects requires two hands because your thumb doesn't have enough range to tap all the links on the screen. For the most part the Kindle Touch has all the same ereading features as the non-touchscreen Kindles.
Text Adjusting Options: The Kindle Touch offers the same exact font options as the earlier Kindles. Sharing: You can register your Kindle Touch with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share passages with friends and family. Partial Page Refresh: Like the Kindle 4, the Kindle Touch offers partial page refresh for faster page turns.
Screenshots: The Kindle Touch can take screenshots by holding the home button for three seconds and tapping the screen. The Kindle Touch connects to Amazon's ebook store for access to over 1 million titles plus hundreds of periodicals that get automatically delivered. In addition to Amazon's AZW format, the Kindle Touch supports DRM-free MOBI, PRC, PDF, and TXT formats natively. Amazon looks to replicate the success they've had with their Kindle ereaders with release of their first tablet, the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire lacks some advanced features that more expensive tablets offer, but there's no question that it is one of the best options for a budget tablet on the market. The Kindle Fire is heavily integrated with Amazon; that's what makes it unique from other Android tablets.
There's a lot of debate about backlit displays being harder on the eyes for reading than E Ink screens. The Kindle Fire's built-in ereading app is similar to the regular Kindle for Android app, with features typical of other Android ebook apps.
The features the Kindle Fire does have includes the usual notes, highlights, bookmarks, syncing last page read and annotations across multiple devices and apps, search, dictionary look-up, and automatic screen rotation that can be turned on and off. The main difference with the Kindle Fire's reading app and Kindle for Android app is the addition of more font choices and adjusting options.

Like other Kindle devices, the Fire doesn't generate a table of contents of its own, it use the book's TOC instead, if it has one. Here's what's missing from the Kindle Fire's reading app: no text-to-speech, no collections or organizing options aside from assigning ebooks as favorites on the homescreen, can't download ebooks with the web browser (they download but won't open), can't sideload ebooks in MOBI or PRC to read in the Kindle app (have to send them to the Fire's email address instead, which is nicer actually because then they get synced), there are no built-in sharing features, and there are no book descriptions. In the end, the Kindle Fire as an ereader is hardly any different than any other Android tablet with the regular Kindle for Android app installed. The great thing about the Kindle Fire is that it can install additional ereading apps and news apps such as the Nook for Android app and my personal favorite Aldiko. The Kindle Fire doesn't come with a comic app out of the box, but there are comic apps available from the Amazon appstore, including the Comixology app for comics from Marvel, DC, and The Walking Dead.
It's basically running the same Kindle interface Amazon has been using for years, minus some key features like landscape mode. The Kindle Touch is a good ebook reader and does what it is supposed to do and is one of the best values for the $99 model. The homescreen consists of the usual old boring list with sorting options for recent, author, collections, and title. However, the Touch loses landscape mode and the ability to search specific highlighted words and phrases on Wikipedia and Google (you can manually type searches for Wikipedia from the search bar).
From there and the homescreen you can launch the dictionary to get the full definition and run searches for words.
One big misconception is that Kindles only work with ebooks from Amazon, but that's not true. Amazon will also convert the following formats to AZW for free: PDF (reflows), HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.
Like earlier Kindles, it can displays ebooks from Amazon, but it also doubles as a multimedia device for music, videos, email, web browsing, and all the multitude of other things that can be done with the thousands of Android apps available in the Amazon appstore and beyond. Unfortunately that means many of the usual features that other Kindle devices offer aren't included.
I have well over 100 Kindle books and trying to decide which one to read based off of a book cover is not an easy task. There is no page view, just article view, with all the same options mentioned above for magazines.
Amazon hides some of these apps from the Kindle Fire's appstore, but they can be sideloaded from other appstores and websites. They still offer non-touchscreen models as well with the Kindle 4, Kindle Keyboard, and Kindle DX. The Kindle Touch uses the same infrared touchscreen technology that other ereaders like the Sony Readers, Nook, and Kobo use, which works very well for E Ink screens and performs nicely.

Check the Kindle Format Conversion Guide for the directions, and for info on how to convert EPUB and other formats too.
If you have no desire to use Amazon's ecosystem then there is no reason to get the Kindle Fire—you'd be better off getting a tablet with memory expansion. Turning the brightness down can help a lot to make reading on a backlit screen like the Kindle Fire's more pleasant.
It is located on the bottom edge and protrudes out enough to make it so I'm always accidently turning off the Kindle. The only option is to keep jumping from the library to the Kindle store and manually running a search for each book to read the description and reviews—takes forever. Considering the Kindle name branded on the back of the device, I wasn't expecting the ereading aspects of the Kindle Fire to be so vanilla.
In text view, the articles get formatted to look just like ebooks and include a picture at the beginning of each article. The text balloons are large enough to read without zooming, and there's a Guided View mode that zooms in on each frame for a closer look.
I was expecting it to blow away the Kindle 4 with the touchscreen and other added features, but I actually ended up liking the Kindle 4 a little better. With ebooks, pinch-zooming doesn't actually zoom; it brings up a quick menu that adjusts font size on the fly by increasing or decreasing the pinching motion.
There are three speeds and since the Kindle Touch doesn't have volume buttons, the volume dial is on-screen. The TOC is broken down into separate sections for news categories to easily jump to a different section. The touchscreen is good for navigating and using the on-screen functions, but it's nice to have the physical page-buttons and nav-controller the Kindle 4 offers too.
The foreign language dictionaries that show up on my Kindle 4 don't appear on the Kindle Touch for some reason.
The back of the Kindle Fire has a soft coating that is comfortable to the touch and adds some grip.
Sticking the Kindle Fire in a cover has remedied this problem for the most part, so now my hand rests on the cover instead of up against the power button.

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