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I’d be willing to bet that almost everyone has tried raw food at least once in their lifetime, including you! I don’t personally subscribe to the mentality that you need to be 100% raw to achieve your health goals. If you want to get healthier, shed excess weight, balance your hormones or feel more happy and inspired it could be very beneficial for you to consider adding a few new additions to your daily routine.
These are the surface benefits of raw food, but even if you look good on the outside, you can still be sick on the inside. On the topic of cleansing properly, click here to check out our 21 Day Raw Food Reset Cleanse.
About Latest Posts Sheleana AiyanaCEO at Young and RawSheleana is passionate about getting back to nature through real food and empowering women to walk the feminine path of self-care and deep self-awareness. Medical research has shown that addictions to sugar and eating too much junk food can be detrimental to the health and well-being of people. By observing a diet free from unhealthy food choices, sugars, fats and junk food, a person can experience many benefits such as good health, more energy and vitality and an overall better quality of life.  A slow incorporation of the above listed tips will allow a person to make better dietary choices and gradually transition into a life free from unhealthy eating habits and all the negative consequences that result. Our ancestors lived in a world where food was scarce and they relied on hunting and gathering to survive. In our ancestors’ time, obtaining sufficient food and nutrition was a daily trial because life was physically rigorous. Another lifestyle change that has evolved and affects eating behavior is the context in which a person eats. From the same perspective, obesity can also be explained with regard to evolved taste preferences. This entry was posted in Holistic Nutrition, Nutrition and Psychology and tagged Ancestors, appetite, body, Eating, envir, Food, Human, Nutrition, obesity, Physical, Psychology, Stimuli on May 18, 2014 by Jennifer Kanaan. Her research showed that the participants who slept for 4 hours a day had 18% lower leptin (brake) levels and 28% higher ghrelin (accelerator) levels. What is interesting about these findings is that we used to think that sleep-deprived individuals used food to elevate themselves energetically from their state of tiredness but the data now indicates that these individuals are indeed truly hungry due to a hormonal state.
This entry was posted in Nutrition and Psychology and tagged appetite, cycle, diet, Food, ghrelin, hormones, leptin, Nutrition, overeating, sleep, study, Weight on February 25, 2014 by Jennifer Kanaan. If you exercise or do any activity that makes you sweat, you need to drink extra water to compensate for the fluid loss. According to the American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, thirst can be commonly mistaken for hunger, even though the body senses these states through separate mechanisms. This entry was posted in Nutrition and Psychology and tagged Biology, body, Eating, Exercise, Food, Gain, health, Homeostasis, Loss, Nutrition, Regulation, Thirst, Water, Weight on February 8, 2014 by Jennifer Kanaan. If you want to use visualization to achieve satiety you have to focus on the concept of bypass surgery for a minute.
This entry was posted in Nutrition and Psychology and tagged body, Consciousness, Eating, Food, Gastric bypass surgery, mind, Nutrition, obesity, Small intestine, spirit, Stomach, Subconscious, Surgery, Visualization, Weight loss on December 22, 2013 by Jennifer Kanaan.
Researches done by Casey and Rozin in 1989 and Morre, Tapper and Murphy in 2007 indicated that some parents believe that prohibiting children to consume specific types of food are good strategies to improve their food preferences. In contrast, other researches, conducted by Wardle et all in 2002, suggested that the lack of control over food intake might lead to the emergence of differences in weight whereas parental control can result in a higher consumption of healthy food. In summary, controlling your kids’ environment in terms of what food to buy and bring home and what restaurants you visit as a family may encourage healthy eating habits without having what is called the rebound effect of more patent forms of control. This entry was posted in Nutrition and Psychology and tagged Covert Control, Food Preferences, Healthy snacks, Overt Control, Parental control, Unhealthy Snacks on December 7, 2013 by nisrinetabet.
Many of us associate raw food living to a strictly vegan diet, or a diet that consists of very unique recipes & uncommon ingredients. Raw foods are fresh pressed juices, green smoothies, fruit smoothies, big green salads, raw wraps, whole pieces of fruit, cucumber slices, some nuts & seeds, and even sprouted hummus! It was the dead of winter in Canada, and even I managed to pull off raw food living and loved my experience the entire way through!

That’s because the more good stuff you add into your diet, the less room you have for the bad stuff. Anytime you take a break or totally eliminate toxic foods from your diet and add in fresh, whole, living foods – your body is allowed to rest, rejuvenate and heal. We are all as unique as our fingerprints, that is something I have come to learn so well along my own journey to find a balance that works for me. Evolving our diet to be more in alignment with nature and less supportive of corporate manufacturing (processed food) is a wonderful goal to set for yourself. Research has shown the healthful benefits that come from incorporating a regular exercise routine.   If a person eats junk food out of boredom, replacing boredom with physical activity can stop the vicious cycle. Making the dietary transition to include healthy foods does not need to leave a person feeling deprived in any way.  Allowing a monthly “cheat” day when a person can indulge in junk food is a good idea because it lessens the chances of a person binging and falling back into old destructive eating habits again.
The human body evolved so to become highly efficient at storing excess energy from excess food intake. Originally, humans were solitary eaters and would eat upon finding prey or food such as berries or nuts.
However, the amount of sleep needed is different for every person and is individually and biologically determined. On top of this, the sleep-deprived participants who had the biggest hormonal changes said that they felt most hunger and craved carbohydrates-rich foods such as cake, candy, ice cream and bread; whereas the participants who had the smallest hormonal changes reported being the least hungry. To make your body function properly you need to replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contain water. One explanation for misinterpretation of signals is that eating can bring a sense of solace to thirst because some foods contain water.
During normal digestion, food passes from the stomach to the small intestine where most of the nutrients and calories are absorbed. What you need to do is visualize your stomach, not at its full size of 10 inches and not at its full capacity to hold a gallon of food and water, but at capacity of 1 to 1.5 cups. However, Birch proved in 1999 that using food as a reward and attempting to have a control over food can negatively affect children’s food preferences. Let us also not forget that children eat according the amount of food that is served in their plates.
I am not negating the effect of a diet and an active lifestyle but this is not the important conclusion to take here.
It’s easy to be raw when you look at the big picture from a new perspective through a clear lens. Once I had gotten my body and my energy back, I began to experiment to find the right balance for me. When you start to eat less processed food, not only are you going to experience external results, but your internal health will also improve. I have witnessed hundreds of people who all have very different backgrounds and histories and thrive on various diet styles, but they all shared one thing in common: when they eat more fresh food during the day and drink water when they wake up – they just feel better! Remember to honor your small changes and celebrate the little successes, for those are what you have to be proud of, and all add up to help you reach your own version of optimal thriving health! Now, with the abundance of food, these instincts no longer serve a purpose, yet contribute to the counter-productive process of obesity.
This excess food could be used at later intervals when food was not available such as during droughts or harsh winter weather.
These foods were in short supply in our ancestral habitats, thus causing our ancestors to develop a predisposition to eat foods with these qualities whenever they were present to maximize their fitness. She looked at two critical hormones in particular, both involved in regulating food intake: Ghrelin and Leptin.
For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and gives you a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.
As a general guideline, the Dietary Reference Intake or DRI recommendation is 9 cups of water per day for adult women and 13 cups for adult men.

However, for intense activities lasting more than an hour, fluids containing electrolytes are usually recommended. Then food goes through to the large intestine or the colon and the remaining waste is later excreted. Whether you use this technique to calm your mind or eat less food, if you do it repeatedly and with enough determination, these thoughts will eventually attract this reality into your life. These are simple tips that parents can use to successfully control their beloved one’s diets.
Researchers believe that we have inherited these predispositions to eat these foods when they are available and that is why we are easy prey for restaurants that offer sweet-tasting foods on their menus. Interestingly, sleep scientists tell us that we cannot ‘store up’ on our sleep by sleeping more on the weekend in preparation for the normal work week or vice versa. When leptin levels are high, a signal is sent to the brain that the body has enough food and the person feels full. Simply because forbidding the consumption of a certain type of food may result in a greater desire for the target food and a greater consumption, especially when the mother is not present.
With the help of a therapist, she was able to release the traumatizing experiences of her childhood, accepting and forgiving the people she was holding a grudge to and she finally started to love herself. With copious amounts of food readily available, it has made physical daily demands very low for people in the Western culture. Eating with utensils, organizing foods on the plate, mixing foods on the plate and conversations are just a few of these rituals.
When plates of food are left on the table, it is easy to mindlessly serve second and third portions.
Recently, eminent scientist and physician Dear Ornish revealed that just by changing diet and lifestyle for 90 days, prostate cancer patients switched the activity of over 500 genes. If this lasts for a long period of time, your immune system is weakened putting you in risk of health problems.
With the extra food remaining on the stove, one is less likely to get up during the meal, at least without a great deal of conscious thought, for another serving. Van Cauter says: “One is the accelerator for eating (ghrelin) and the other the brake (leptin)”.
Then, if we do “mistakenly” consume food, our body needs additional water to manufacture digestive juices to digest the food. The goal of this procedure is to allow the person to feel full more quickly than when the stomach is at its full size. Or what you can do is that, throughout each day and especially during meal time, visualize your stomach cavity as only able to hold the amount of food you want. In the first form of control, parents would prohibit their kid from eating certain types of food; whereas in the second form, parents would not bring home unhealthy food. Many of their gene changes inhibited biological processes critical in the formation of their tumors. Due to these distractions, a person is less sensitive to the cues that the brain and stomach send for satiation. This results in reducing the amount of consumed food leading to a decrease in the number of calories consumed and initiating weight loss. The results indicated that higher covert control results in a decreased consumption of unhealthy snacks and higher overt control leads to an increased intake of unhealthy food. Food consumption was found to increase by 28% when one other person is present at the meal and increases steadily to 71% when the number of companions is six or more.

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