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Diabetes can cause damage to your heart, kidneys, bones and brain, if it is not treated in time. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the first thing your doctor will tell you is to modify your diet.
Reduce sodium intake to prevent water retention in the body, which is a cause of concern for every diabetic. Avoid eating refined flour products like white bread, white rice, buns, pasta and pizzas as they contain unhealthy carbohydrates and can cause unnecessary weight gain.

Processed foods, such as cheese and mayonnaise contain high fat content and should be avoided by diabetics. Diabetics should avoid deep fried foods such as French fries, Pakoras, Samosa and other deep fried snacks. Avoid consuming alcohol at all costs to prevent diabetes along with many other health related problems.
They are hard to digest and can bring on excessive weight gain and can be a major cause of diabetes.

Avoid all types of commercial drinks and switch to fresh fruit juice or lime water to manage diabetes.
They consist of simple carbohydrates that must be avoided by diabetics to maintain their ideal weight and blood sugar level.

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