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Since the 90s, dieters have been signing up for food delivery services as a way to lose weight worry-free. As with anything, diet delivery services can be great tools or can be unrealistic in terms of a sustainable plan. 1) Bistro MD is a weekly service, providing chef-prepared, fully cooked foods throughout the country.
2) Ediets is a large online dieting resource, and while it has one of the more expensive services, at nearly $40 per day (including shipping), it’s praised for offering more than 400 food choices. Convenience: Perhaps it is the convenience of diet food delivery services that appeals to people committed to make a positive life change. And if you are set on diet delivery, and believe it would be a sustainable and affordable way for you to get lean, try it out. If you try out one or more of these diet food delivery services, let us know how it works out and what you think about these options. I’ve had a few clients use diet delivery services (BisroMD) and for some people, they simply work.
Bistro MD received the most five-point scores, while Diet To Go scored only as high as a 4 for its Lentil Chili with Grilled Cheese and a Brownie. Bistro MD and Diet To Go both included standard nutrition and ingredient labels on their packaging; Freshology skipped this entirely, which we found very disconcerting. Diet To Go had some interesting inclusions – like whole cups of Yoplait yogurt which is something we say is worse for you than a candy bar.
LaRosa’s MarketData found that the average cost for a month on a meal delivery diet can cost $726, and these plans were no exception.

Brandi is a health journalist who enjoys the task of keeping DietsInReview running like a well-oiled machine.
I have tried both BistroMD and Diettogo and I can't imagine how BistroMD scored above Diettogo. Beyond the great tasting food and supportive nutritionists, BistroMD has the most amazing and responsive customer service team that I have ever dealt with.
I really love my BistroMD, Im never bored by the food and not only do I rarely feel those old hunger pangs, Im actually losing weight! The company delivers meals on a one-week or two-week basis, and includes menus totaling 1,000 to 1,100 calories for females and 1,300 calories for men. A New York Times reporter investigating diet delivery services said Chef’s Diet cost him nearly $400 for the first week.5 Calories range from 1,300 to 1,500 per day, although the company claims to focus more on portion sizes and food groupings. It really depends both on your personal preference and how realistic it is for you to sustain these delivered diets, or a facsimile of the portion control, in the long term. Many people think eating healthy requires a lot of time and effort, and delivery services seem like the solution. While there are cheaper deals, like NutriSystem’s $12 per day, some other brands like Chef’s Diet can reach over $50 per day. Limiting yourself to only delivered meals could eventually hinder social interaction, which is important to our health as human beings.
However, it may be smart to first speak with a dietitian who can work with you, and make sure your meals fit your personal goals and lifestyle. Lifestyle changes through the use of delivered meals and dietary counseling in a single-blind study.

The worst offender for Bistro had 850 milligrams in the Jerk Chicken meal; while Diet To Go had three meals with alarming amounts of sodium (1110mg, 1300mg, 1430mg).
Their name and marketing imply fresh foods, but the processing dates printed on our meals (received the first week of January) were November 12, and December 1, 2, and 3. BistroMD is frozen and largely pretty unappetizing whereas Diettogo is fresh and pretty much delicious.
The service focuses on helping dieters to maintain lean muscle mass through eating protein (40-50% of overall nutrient intake) throughout the day and even out blood sugar levels with low-glycemic carbs (30-35%). However, the shelf life of NutriSystem meals exceed six months and no freezing or refrigeration is necessary, but the company did recently start a line of new flash-frozen foods.
Every now and then if I have had a bad week eating bad food I will have a week on Bistro MD. Bistro MD provided meals from their brand and Freshology; Diet To Go provided their own meals. The quality of the BistroMD food was pretty poor - lots of grizzle in the beef and I got a rock in a meal containing barley.

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