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Whether it’s to get a discount on fitness packages, training sessions or a free snack, you can use your earned Perkville points to keep more cash in your pocket!
Don’t fall off the fitness cliff this summer.  Keep working out and earn those Perkville points! TRX Suspension Training – offered in groups of 3-5, privates and semi-private appointments.  There are openings in a couple of groups! Have questions about core training  or ways to improve your low back pain through exercise, please call or email me anytime.
Tell your friends about us and watch your discounts deepen!  Five new client referrals earns you a FREE month of fitness and spin classes!
There’s a reason high intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage… because it works!
Mid American Studio in Farmington Hills, Michigan is the premier Pompon and Dance training facility in the Metro-Detroit Area.
Personal Training at Mid American Fitness is a great way to get one-on-one attention for a customized program to meet your fitness or weight loss goals!
Our motivational personal trainers set up individualized fitness training programs and guide clients through each exercise. As a first-time exercise client, please call Mid American Fitness and set up a free consultation with Karen or Dana. We will recommend a exercise program that makes sense with your budget and schedule and will help you set fitness goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.
If you are frustrated or embarrassed about being overweight and don’t know where to turn, Mid American Fitness is the answer for you.
Our studio location is ideal for those interested in personal training or looking for a personal trainer in or near Farmington, Farmington Hills, Northville, Novi, Livonia and Southfield. She was introduced to CrossFit by a friend who thought she would like it due to her fitness background. With the high level of formal training Elizabeth has received, she has a wealth of knowledge and information about fitness and nutrition. Scott grew up in the metro Detroit area and attended Hazel Park High School where he ran Cross Country and Track. Scott has developed a passion for Olympic Weightlifting and has focused much of his training to this sport. When not working out or watching weightlifting videos, Scott enjoys training his wife, Sarah, in CrossFit out of their home and spending time with his daughter Ava and son Max. He looked into CrossFit and instantly fell in love with all aspects of the program from the community atmosphere to the people and the competition.

Stefania has taught many different formats of fitness classes and all different levels of participants, including step aerobics, strength and conditioning, kickboxing, Zumba, indoor cycling, HIIT, bootcamp and yoga. Along with teaching fitness classes, Stefania is a full-time 6th grade teacher and a mom to two mighty girls.
Turns out my inner core was not strong.  Pilates Reformer training helped me learn how to really engage my inner core stabilizers, particularly my transversus abdominis. The program is monitored to measure each client’s personal progress and is effective and results-oriented. Assessments allow the trainer to develop a program that is relevant to your goals, lifestyle, and interests. Our get started special includes your initial 30 minute assessment and first 60 minute training appointment. We will give you a tour of the facility, explain to you where the equipment is stored, how early to arrive for fitness classes, where the restrooms are, what to wear and more. We offer exercise programs that will help you begin your fitness training on the right foot, while doing exercises that are appropriate for you and your goals. Her extensive coaching and training experience has led her to achieve positions coaching soccer at the premier level.
From the Olympic Weightlifting to the metabolic conditioning, he loved every part of it, he knew this was just the type of training he needed.
With a wife and 4 kids, he was looking for a fitness program that would let him be competitive, intense and social without giving up too much family time. She continued to enjoy group fitness classes and eventually Suzy got her Group Aerobics and Yoga Certifications. Rachel will be hosting Melt Method workshops at our studio and introducing the Melt Soft Body Roller techniques.  Space is limited, reserve yours now! An assessment establishes baseline statistics for body weight and composition measurements, muscular fitness, cardiorespiratory fitness, and other assessment tests upon which progress, improvements, and ongoing evaluations will be measured.
In addition, we will explain all of the options that are available to you, whether you are interested in group fitness classes, Pilates, yoga, spin classes, private personal training or a combination of these fitness options. Contact Mid American Fitness and set up an appointment with Karen or Dana so that we may recommend a personal training program that will work for you. Through our Sculpt and Tone and Pilates classes as well as private personal training, you can gain strength with weight-bearing exercises and also reduce the effects of osteoporosis. As you progress, our fitness instructors will challenge you to work with varying amounts of resistance to allow you to build muscle, thus burning more calories around the clock.
He has increased the physical fitness test score of every Soldier he has trained and consulted with many others to develop plans resulting in them reaching their health and fitness goals.

Gina’s love for fitness was discovered during this time, when she was first exposed to proper weightlifting and speed training. In 2013 after 2 years of intense training, John-Mark qualified for the team Central East CrossFit Regional Competition, which is one of the toughest regions of the CrossFit Open. Unhappy with the typical gym environment, Scott joined one of the first CrossFit Gyms in the Metro Detroit area.
He has become so committed to CrossFit that he believes it to be the best workout for everyone looking to improve their heath and fitness. Based upon the recommendation of your doctor, we will create a fitness program where you can participate in exercise with modifications. With the help of our certified personal trainers, we can create an affordable fitness program that will allow you to incorporate things that you enjoy doing, such as walking or riding a bike into your fitness goals to help you to become active, fit and mobile.
Our Personal Trainers and Registered Dietician will consult with you to design a program and will also help to motivate you to reach small fitness milestones, ultimately leading to your fitness and weight loss goals, as well as an overall healthier you!
After graduating high school, Gina attended Grand Valley State University, where she continued her athletic endeavors and training as a member of the Track and Field Team while earning a Bachelor degree in Social Work . Top athletes from Police, Fire and Military around the world compete in weight training, track and field, and many other athletic events. We will work with our personal trainers to be sure that the program that will allow you to become stronger and leaner while working around your physical limitations. She began taking group fitness classes at a local gym, fell in love with the energy of a group, earned her own group fitness certification, and has been teaching classes ever since. Contact Mid American Fitness for your fitness consultation, whether you are an adult, teen or parent of a child who would like to get into shape, we can help you.
If there is a new health and fitness book he can get his hands on he will always read it with an intense level of analysis to find out how he can take the strongest points and add them to his training methodology.
Scott’s experience as a CrossFit trainer includes programming workouts, coaching and leading classes. He loved helping people obtain their fitness goals and establishing plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He frequents training seminars to learn new methods of training and share ideas with fellow trainers. He spent much of his free time studying fitness and nutrition and taught himself many of the exercises conducted in CrossFit workouts.

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