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Simplicity is a virtue in Ironman training (and in triathlon training generally) because it minimises the mental stress of the training process and makes it easy to chart and track progress. Naturally, there must be some variation in your Ironman training, but not as much as many athletes might believe. A group of 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division soldiers conduct group Mission Essential Fitness training outside at Fort Bliss, Texas, in December. Preparing for a personal-best day at the 70.3 distance requires much more than just training volume. A successful half-Ironman race requires the intersection of peak fitness, a recovered body, proper race execution — and a dash of good luck. You can use this 70.3 Basic Week as the training template to effectively and efficiently manage your training throughout the final eight weeks of your training cycle. Some triathlon coaches focus on volume, which is why many triathlon training programmes show a regular progression of training hours.
Four 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team units will receive train-the-trainer sessions in February, lead by the developer of the program, Doug Briggs, Fort Bliss director of human performance. The MEF program is based on Briggs’ concept and is designed to use upper body, lower body, and core movements. By teaching the Soldiers how to train each other in proper form and technique, the Army will develop a cadre of unit fitness trainers to effectively execute this program.

The training uses items that can be found anywhere and does not require large expenditures of money to purchase pieces of equipment with a large foot print.
First, the overall volume of training and the duration of the longest swims, rides and runs must increase as the plan unfolds.
Some Europe-based soldiers are taking part in a pilot program to test the training, which is tailored to the individual soldier?s needs.
The 70.3 Basic Week explained here has been refined through the training of thousands of triathletes since 2007.
The biggest mistake tri- athletes make is framing their training based on the desired outcomes they want on race day. The purpose of your train- ing is to impart training stress on your body, forcing it to adapt and make fitness gains. Your schedule and physical fitness will dictate the length of the warm-up and just how long you can extend the remainder of the session. Army Europe and Installation Management Command Europe will team up to conduct the Mission Essential Fitness pilot program from Feb. Concepts from both the new Army Physical Readiness Training Manual and the National Strength and Conditioning Association are used in conducting this program. The only real variation in his training was that he tried to go faster and faster over those same routes as race day drew nearer.

After all, an Ironman is an extreme endurance test and increasing training volume and workout duration is how you build endurance. The goal is to bring you several years up the self-coached triathlete ladder of experience, rede- fining your understand- ing of endurance training, freeing you from outdated methodology and preparing you for a great season.
That triathlete was none other than Dave Scott, and the repetitiveness of his training did not stop him from winning the Hawaii Ironman six times. Second, there should be some variation in the intensity of your training, with moderate-intensity, moderately high-intensity, and high-intensity workouts regularly performed in each discipline. Soldiers can run the exercises using objects ranging from ammunition canisters to logs.Before the training begins in earnest in Europe next week, the participating soldiers will undergo testing on such things as agility, speed, strength, weight and heart rate before they start the program. This is because different training intensities build fitness in different and complementary ways, so that a multi-intensity programme builds greater fitness with a smaller time commitment than an all-moderateintensity training plan would.

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