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Average Director Engineering Fitness Software Startup salaries for job postings in Boston, MA are 26% higher than average Director Engineering Fitness Software Startup salaries for job postings nationwide.
Desk jobs, commuting, watching TV, and playing video games all encourage us to be sedentary and even people who exercise regularly spend much of the workday planted in a chair in front of the computer.
ZEN PLANNER CAREERSWe are always looking for great people who have a passion for fitness, technology and helping our members succeed. Deliver world-class software based on Javascript and Java technologies, from rich UIs to robust backend foundations.

Act as subject matter expert for other teams within ZP to ensure optimal software solutions.
3+ years experience developing commercial software systems, preferably using Agile development process.
Strong software development process knowledge, including re-factoring, unit testing, test-driven development, continuous integration, etc. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS or related field is nice, but aptitude and experience trump—we find that the best software developers come from many diverse backgrounds.

We provide an all-in-one software for fitness businesses that includes membership management, scheduling, integrated payment processing, email and website templates, that enables our customers grow and nurture their business.

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