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This 2-day program will explore both the physiological and psychological needs of your older clients and allow you to conceptualize and administer training programs customized to the individual needs of seniors. You can register for each class individually or you can register for the complete 2-day class series and really save! The Complete Senior Fitness ProgramSaturday - 8:30 am - 5:30 pmRegister for the full program (all eight workshops) and SAVE! YMCAs have led health and fitness programs for people of all ages, incomes and abilities for more than a century. If you are working with older adults, or anyone who eventually hopes to be an older adult, you need this series of workshops!

All you need to do is click on that link, enter your email address and then fill out a short attendance form. Our philosophy is to provide an environment which supports the healthy changes you want to make.   Cardio ZoneThe cardiovascular area of the Y contains 15 pieces of equipment that can meet the needs of people at any fitness level. This area is secluded from the main area of the fitness center enabling people to perform exercises in moderate privacy.Strength Training ZoneSplit into two rooms, our multiple weight machines provide detailed instructions on the display panel that explain each exercise and the muscles on which they focus.
Our complete list of machines target the total body so anyone can get a great workout just by using weight machines at the Y.Free Weight ZoneOur free weight area contains multiple adjustable and non-adjustable benches for flat, decline, or incline bench and shoulder pressing. Our dumbbells offer rubber sides with ergonomically- improved grips to reduce fatigue of the forearm and hand muscles.

Our state of the art Smith machine and cable machine provide equipment for multiple exercises and countless variations.Group Exercise RoomMultiple classes taught by experienced instructors are offered daily in the air conditioned group exercise room, which also features a suspended wooden floor that allows some give upon impact, reducing joint stress. We strive to accommodate all fitness levels from beginners and seniors to advanced fitness junkies.

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