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Obesity is one of the largest epidemics in the world, with steady growth in recent decades. The treatment of obesity requires a combination of three factors: diet, exercise and changes in lifestyle. In this article we will discuss the major changes in lifestyle that we can implement to aid in weight loss. Before you initiate a scanning treatment to lose weight, you need to measure BMI and waist circumference of the patient. First steps for losing weight It is important not to create unrealistic expectations in the first place. The fact is that many people want to lose weight not just for health but also as a demand of a society that increasingly values thin people, sometimes too much. A big mistake of people trying to lose weight is thinking they can do so only by reducing calorie intake.

Effective treatment of obesity depends on several factors, and changes in lifestyle may be more important than diet and medical treatment. We know that a waist circumference greater than 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men is associated with a higher prevalence of obesity-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. For example, in people at high risk of developing diabetes, losing just 5% of weight and keeping it is enough to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 50%. Desire to look like an actress from television or magazine model is unrealistic even for those, who are not obese, create expectations that cannot be met. People who are obese come to this state due to an improper diet and insufficient physical activity patterns. Therefore, the higher the BMI and waist circumference is, the more "aggressive" should be the plan for weight loss.
Another problem that can lead to frustration and abandonment of treatment is to think that losing weight will solve all other routine problems, especially in professional life, family and love.

For this, we need a strong will, discipline, a multidisciplinary team for guidance in diet, medications, exercise and psychological part that most obese people do not have.
Losing 15% of weight without gaining it back over a long term can be considered an excellent result in terms of prevention of obesity-related diseases. No matter what the excuse that you've created for your overweight, in the end, the math above determines whether a person gains weight or not.
If an individual can reduce their weight from 120 kg to 100 kg, this is an enormous success for the health, even if it remains classified as overweight and not the body that was dreamt of. Physical activity, therefore, increases caloric expenditure during the actual activity and during rest, making loss and maintenance of weight easier.

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