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Use any form of resistance that you can (partner, sandbag, fire hose, weighted vest, heavy ropes, etc.). John Annillo has worked everywhere from the corporate gym in NYC to the Strength and Conditioning Department at Ohio State University. The Santa Maria Fire Fighters' Union is Local #2020 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, which represents over a quarter of a million professional fire fighters and paramedics in the United States and Canada.
Local #2020 represents approximately 51 active and retired members of the Santa Maria Fire Department.
Even when the call doesn't involve flames, firefighters risk exposure to a broad range of environmental and biological toxins.

If you are advanced enough do these with added resistance such as: partner, sandbag, fire hose, weighted vest, heavy ropes, etc. He's been featured in all of the major fitness publications, developed a couple of iOS Applications, and currently serves as a consultant for various fitness companies. We are dedicated to making sure that our members are provided with all that they require to ensure that the citizens and visitors of Santa Maria receive the highest level of professional fire suppression and emergency medical services when needed. Because of this, firefighters and EMTs are at dramatically greater risk of contracting cancer, tuberculosis, and other blood-borne diseases. You will then start your first day on the line as a firefighter with a newfound physical and mental confidence.

John serves as an advisor on Top Fitness Apps, and for more of his work, visit his website, John Annillo. California's cancer and tuberculosis presumption laws require that firefighters document occupational exposures to hazardous agents.

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