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Detroit’s Slaughter Boot Camp delivers the sort of training you need to master the Warrior Dash running and obstacle course.
Detroit Slaughter Boot Camp training will train you to burn rubber through everything Warrior Dash can throw at you. That’s why you need to train for functional fitness conditioning and muscular endurance like we do at Slaughter Boot Camp. At every Slaughter class you will participate in group training drills like suicides, running up hills, bear crawls, crab walks, mountain climbers, burpees, bodybuilders , pull ups, hauling tires, carrying large timbers, and all sorts of other challenging exercises.
However, if you are running Warrior Dash because you love the thrill of competition and you want to arrive for combat in the best shape you possibly can, then Slaughter Boot Camp is exactly what you need. And I guarantee you’ll be shocked at how much Slaughter Boot Camp improves your ability to dominate the Warrior Dash race. P.S.¬† Many people have told me that Slaughter Boot Camp is more challenging than Muddy Watters, Swampfoot 4 mile, Warrior Dash, and even the Tough Mudder!

Xtreme Boot camp sessions are held four days a week in Stratford-upon-Avon at Stratford-upon-Avon School Monday, Wednesday and  Friday and on the recreational ground Saturday mornings.
Alternatively, take advantage of the Xtreme Boot Camps membership package that allows you to train at any of our camps in any location. Take advantage of the Xtreme Boot Camps membership package that allows you to train at any of our boot camp training sessions in any locations.
Remember to bring your water bottle and ensure you have appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor exercises and for our inclement weather.
Xtreme Boot Camps uses military exercises and techniques to help you to reach your fitness goals.
Xtreme Boot Camps also recognises the importance of training in teams and how teamwork helps with motivation. Come and join us at one of our local classes or at one of our residential camps, and start your journey towards Xtreme fitness.

According to an American Council on Exercise research study, fitness trends indicate a growing emphasis on functional training and group classes.
Boot camps fit this bill perfectly with class formats that consistently change and emphasize the basics. We train everywhere, from your local park to residential boot camps tailored to your needs, and also offer one-to-one boot camp training. Running, pushups, situps and burpees are common exercises in boot camp classes, but there are some additional, extreme exercises that are not for the faint of heart. They will show you how to look after yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle, whilst enjoying exercise.

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