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It is true that eating less while exercising more will make you leaner and fitter – but only up to a point.
But remember that the less you eat, the better your body learns to cope with fewer calories. The more calories and nutrients you take in while losing weight, the more you can eat when you get to the maintenance stage. Your goal should be to turn yourself into a food and fat-burning machine, by stoking up your metabolism. What you eat before and after exercise is also important to maximise fat loss, prevent muscle loss and to refuel optimally so you can exercise to your full potential and therefore burn more calories the next time you train.
The researchers compared two eating regimes over two weeks - in the first participants ate two meals per day, while the second involved six meals a day. If you normally spend your days eating chips and lollies on the sofa then yes, eating less and exercising more will be good for you without a shadow of a doubt.

Some examples of good post-workout foods are: low-fat chocolate milk (honestly!), a branded recovery shake or smoothie, banana blended with high-calcium milk and yoghurt, a chicken salad roll or pita pocket, and poached eggs on wholegrain toast.
Nutrition experts say eating small amounts of food frequently is better for your health than three bigger portions. In both regimes, the total calorie intake remained the same and the dieters lost weight - but those in the six-meal group preserved a healthier body composition and lost less ‘fat-free’ body mass. Replacing muscle glycogen quickly is very important – and it’s not just what you eat that matters, but also when you eat it. Every process that turns food into energy – from your saliva right through to your digestive tract – requires water. More smaller meals lead to a healthier body composition and less likelihood of loss of ‘fat-free’ body mass.

So, the less you eat while you lose weight the harder maintaining that weight loss will be. The authors, from universities in California and New Mexico, said: “Increased meal frequency - such as six meals a day - did appear to favourably preserve fat free mass during weight loss. Celebrities such as Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, 46, attribute their slim body figures to eating small portions regularly during the day, rather than larger meals at traditional times.

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