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By way of handling this starvation state, the body does things like start to break down certain tissues, fats for example, and mobilize stored sugar (glucose) in the body to attempt to generate energy with which to feed itself.
In dogs, a genetic predisposition to diabetes mellitus plays a larger role than obesity or exposure to certain drugs. Excessive thirst and urination: This happens because the huge quantity of sugar in the bloodstream spills into the urine and pulls water out of the bloodstream along with it, thereby causing increased urine production and urination. Appetite increase paired with weight loss: This happens because when sugars cannot enter cells, the body is unable to effectively use the food it takes in as energy. Urinalysis: Evaluation of a urine sample may show the presence of sugar (glucose) in the urine if a dog has diabetes.

The gentle, affectionate and sociable Selkirk Rex is a good traveler and excellent therapy cat. Hunger is never satisfied despite a typically ravenous appetite, and weight loss is almost always a feature.
The fructosamine level is therefore a close estimation of the blood glucose level, but it is less likely to change due to stress and other factors that affect the blood glucose level. When either condition occurs, the result is diabetes mellitus, which causes excessive thirst and urination and extreme hunger accompanied by weight loss. Insulin injections, however, are generally started at the time of diagnosis and required long term to control the disease.

In a dog with diabetes, the blood sugar levels are usually high for long periods of time, which would be reflected by an increased fructosamine level.

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