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Actually, a new Nielson study says that half of all people worldwide believe they are overweight, and half are currently trying to lose weight.
Studies have shown that you do better at losing weight when other people are involved in your effort.
Then the dietitian makes comments on your food choices, and on what times you’re eating.
The Rise app is free, and the dietitian coaching service costs you $15 per week, or $48 per month, or $120 for three months. When you consider the amount of information you get from your dietitian, and how much time they invest in coaching you, the prices seem reasonable. In part 1 we take a look at not eating enough, being stressed out, gut health, not eating enough fat, eating inconsistently, food sensitivities, and how all of these will negatively impact weight loss goals.
In part 3 we cover exercise — (too much and not enough), — over-eating, not eating enough fat, counting calories and not giving weight loss enough time.
If you’re still feeling confused and are having trouble losing the weight by the end of this blog post series, schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to get to the bottom of it.

By working together with your Registered Dietitian we will put together a personalized meal and exercise plan to help you achieve weigh loss and a healthier lifestyle.
Learn how to eat right without struggling.  Our programs will improve your eating habits, give you more energy, promote overall health and produce weight-loss.
After giving birth many women have trouble returning to their pre pregnancy weight.  We will work with you to lose the weight safely through increased physical activity and a healthy eating plan.
We offer OPTIFAST® program  and products to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals.  By adding OPTIFAST Meal Replacements to your meal plan, you will stay on track by eating more often while maintaining  balanced nutrition and  a  low calorie count.
It’s a paid, app-based service that sets you up with a real human dietitian, to whom you report your meals every day. You are certainly not alone in this quandary and we have spent lots of time helping frustrated clients break through their weight loss barriers.
We analyze your weight loss goals, current dietary intake,  and nutritional needs developing a plan that best meets your unique needs.
Hormonal changes that occur may contribute to weight gain. Your metabolic rate decreases about 5% per decade starting in your 20s.

Even if you’ve tried many diets in the past, call to find out what a difference it makes to work with a professional weight loss coach and registered dietitian. And I found that you usually get the dietitian’s comments on your meals the day after you eat them. You might not be considering some key non-food components to your weight loss, so we’ll take this opportunity to bring them to your attention in hopes that this blog series gets the wheels in your head turning. I won’t make you wait any longer–in the following three posts are the most common roadblocks that we address for our clients struggling to lose weight even though they are eating PFC balanced.
Keep it up and if you ever need help navigating new waters, or are uncertain about which step to tackle next, we're here for you!

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