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With my clients, and in general, I like to focus on the positive, such as what to eat rather than what not to eat and what to do rather than what not to do.
Intense hunger, when you can't concentrate, you're irritable, and you want to shove the first thing you see into your mouth, doesn't feel good. Many of my clients eat on a schedule, which is great, but they're never really hungry, which is an indication that they're eating too much.
If this sounds familiar, try an experiment: eat a balanced breakfast, like a small bowl of cooked oats topped with fresh fruit and nuts with a glass of skim or soy milk, then pay attention to how long it takes you to feel physical sensations of hunger. May recommends placing your fist over your stomach, right below the breastbone, and checking for signals of true hunger.
If you're ever unsure whether you're truly hungry—and know you're not totally famished—try to address other issues before you nosh. If you are always hungry and just can't shed the pounds, then scientists may have discovered the reason why. British researchers have discovered a 'hungry gene' which they believe could cause obesity. This week Shape turns to Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian with master's degrees in both nutrition science and public health.

But after spending time with my clients, they often tell me, I didn't know what I was doing wrong before; now I get it. But mild to moderate hunger is normal, and it's something you should be experiencing about four times a day. And a little extra food day after day can be what's causing them to hang onto those unwanted pounds. When I get stressed at work, I find myself sticking more to "appropriate mealtimes" and just blindly eating at those times rather than paying attention to whether or not I'm actually hungry - and I've gained a few pounds recently.
And for those with the ‘hunger gene’ dieting is doomed to failure.Even those who have inherited just one flawed FTO gene – 49 per cent of the population – are 30 per cent more likely to be obese.
In other words, even when you're eating super healthy meals, in the right balance, at the right times, if you're never hungry you're probably eating more than your body needs to reach and maintain your ideal weight. If you're still not hungry five hours after the meal, try cutting back a little on your portions the next day. Then there's a good chance that you've eaten for a reason other than your body needing nourishment.

May says you shouldn't necessarily be eating every two or three hours like some experts suggest—only when you're truly hungry—but that you can check in every two or three hours if you're busy and often forget to eat until you're starving. That's key because when you're in the dark, you'll just unknowingly perpetuate the patterns that work against you. For mind, if your productivity is down and you find yourself wondering about what's in the break room or where you'll eat your next meal, you're probably not hungry, you might just be bored. If, after you do this, you feel like your hunger has increased (since you haven't eaten anything), you can be sure it's your appetite that needs to be dealt with—and not some other issue. That said, one of the most common missteps I see that keeps people from getting results is being afraid to get hungry.

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