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Focus on Superfoods, which are plant-based, nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse, health-empowering foods. Focus on Superfoods, but If you eat animals, fish, or animal products, cut back on portions and frequency, and remember that wild, free range, or grass fed are healthiest and highest in Omega-3s. Well, each of the super foods identified below was chosen based on the research of healthy dietary patterns around the country and around the world. These particular super foods are an integral part of the recognized healthy dietary patterns that prevent disease and extend our health span and thus, our lives.

But figuring out what really is part of a healthy diet is getting harder and harder in these days of information and marketing overload.
They aren't a food most people will eat regularly, but getting five into your diet twice a week will make your weekends more fun.
One more reason to add it to your diet: A study in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that the carotenoid neoxanthin in spinach can kill prostate cancer cells, while the beta-carotene fights colon cancer. A little-known protein source, Quorn is a great substitute if you're looking to add variety to your diet with non-animal protein.

Think not only organic, but also local, seasonal, sustainable celebrations of Superfoods when making your selections.

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