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This is true but the thing is many people have their dogs on special diets when they really don’t have to be or they automatically put them on a wheat free diet when they are itching without having them checked out by a vet. Bake on a parchment paper lined jelly roll pan at 325 degrees for 15 minutes or until the center is set. What many people don’t realize is that more dogs have an allergy to certain proteins then they do wheat but because it is so popular for people to be on a wheat free diet they think their pets should be too.
Poor bacon grease has gotten a bad rap for some reason and yet it is free and seasons foods like nothing else.
For example people who think they have wheat allergies has gone up 15% but only about 3-4% actually have it.

I make all of his own food and his treats but for the past couple of weeks he’s been scratching and has acquired a rash in his groin area.
If we used it more often we probably wouldn’t have to spend so much time shopping in the expensive exotic foods isle to buy seasonings and sauces for out dishes. The kids loved packaging up the treats for their dog, and taking them home, and of course they loved indulging our dogs. As far as being bad or good for you it is no different then using butter in things and oh taste so good in fried potatoes, baked beans, eggs even replacing the oil or butter in cornbread. I’ve eliminated the wheat germ from his food recipe and decided to try coconut and rice flour in place of the wheat flour for the treats.

They would have been great with a little bacon grease instead of oil, and we did freeze them, just for good measure.

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