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As the matter of fact the answer to that question is somewhere between two extremes – on the golden mean, to which every diabetes patient should aim. On the other hand, person with diabetes should be aware of rapid and significant rise in blood sugar soon after consuming products, containing simple carbohydrates. So, it looks like the question to eat or not to eat carbohydrates when one has diabetes is settled in favor of carbohydrates; or to be more precise, in favor of their deliberate consumption, when choosing the right type of carbohydrates and their amount matters most for the successful control of blood sugar. But, unfortunately, there is also bitter truth saying that what we eat often spoils our living.

People, living with diabetes, cannot and should not give up eating foods, which contain carbohydrates, - but they definitely should make their eating more deliberate.
To make understanding of diabetes diet recommendations more visual American Diabetes Association provides Food Pyramid, which shows graphically what foods should be consumed and in what amounts. Moreover, this truth is getting even more bitter for people with diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, because foods and especially those containing carbohydrates are the main sources of blood sugar, dealing with which is the key problem in diabetes.
However, in people with diabetes there is either no insulin at all, or there is a lack of this hormone – so, glucose remains in the bloodstream causing serious problems for multiple organs and systems of the human organism.

The dietitians usually recommend people with diabetes prefer slow-acting carbohydrates to simple ones.

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