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Exercise program.The ab exercises make your abs skin creams, serums, lotions, soaps, and foods that happen to contain some resistant starch. Before you rush to the comments section and tell me I am wrong about CrossFit, read the entire article. My Point: To be good at CrossFit, or to get stronger while doing CrossFit (or not), you will need a specific strength program.
Before your trip you were doing your own programming and you knew what you could handle, where as the main site has no idea who you are or what your limitations are. The point here is that CrossFit as a standalone is not a good option for most who are already strong. Another definition is found, which bases emphasis on performing workouts in a competitive manner, so as to provide an optimized training environment. While what you said is 100% true, I wrote this to those who may be starting CrossFit, only because they saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN. Also, know that I am a CrossFit coach and programmer, I practice CrossFit currently, I have for almost four years, and do not see an end in sight. However, the only thing needed to be a box owner is a CrossFit Level I cert, which I have, so I know they do not teach anything about how to program strength properly in their curriculum. And you have to know your own weaknesses and strengths in order to program to improve them. Sometimes its frustrating to see people selling themselves short by giving so much credit to Crossfit.
Like Joe I’m TCS currently, and I just got back to CrossFit from an injury, but I noticed early that just doing the WOD would get me pretty good at doing the WOD.
Piggybacking for a moment, after two seasons as a triathlete I wanted to change things up, get more power, and get faster so I sampled CrossFit Endurance. After about a month I realized that was fun and it definitely worked me out BUT I was going no where with improvement in my strength, and I desperately wanted to be stronger.
I didn’t really know very well what I was doing (I did no assist work, just the main lifts followed by main site WOD) but my strength improved a lot. Furthermore, if you wanted to take a look at what CrossFit training looks like, take it from the horses mouth.

As far as the strength component being nonexistent in CrossFit I agree that it is a limitation but most boxes worth their salt have a strength component with their WOD, unlike the main site. I have a pretty fast metabolism, so without structured strength programming and a good diet I can shed 10 lb.
Personally, CrossFit has kept my strength pretty static, with one exception, which is the deadlift. CrossFit, by its lonesome, will never, ever, ever, never in a million years make you strong. Great Article, CrossFit will make you weaker, doing some exercises like kipping pull ups which are not real pull ups but its a way to do them faster just to make time. I thought doing only CrossFit WODs would at least help me dominate some of my benchmark workouts, but apparently not. I do crossfit constantly and have been RXing WODs for a lil while now but now I know I really need something to make me stronger so I can compete in RX divisions. Sure having a fast times is good, but sacrificing form will not only make you weaker but also increase chances of injury.I think crossfit does not emphasize the the importance of strength enough.
Games athletes are the model for the sport and they are the only ones not actually doing CrossFit – by definition. If the community evolves to having strength as a staple in their programming, CrossFit HQ will need to make it a priority in their courses. That is a Crossfit program that people can follow – the program followed by the members of Crossfit Santa Cruz, HQ and thousands of people around the world. However, if following a specific strength program, you are not doing CrossFit – as you have more or less stated. Jerred you have created a revolution of your own, with your own strength program, and your own WODs. Crossfit didn’t invent the deadlift, squat, clean, snatch, burpee, muscle up, box jump, jump rope, or anything else that people use to improve overall fitness.
Unless your end goal is to be good at metcons, you need to improve overall strength in the big lifts. No, I would recommend keeping it RX’d, maybe occasionally go heavy in the WOD, but the real strength builder will be a strength program.

Everyone wants to be able to do 180 burpees in 7 minutes but not that many people have the strength, and therefore they sacrifice form to squeeze a few extra reps which is not good. Personally, I know how to program strength and crossfit very well, and have seen huge gains when I am programming for myself.
By doing those two things for yourself you have become more strong and more fit than Crossfit has ever made you. Over a 10.5 week training period (45 training sessions to be precise), I hit 21 PRs in strength, metcon, and mixed workouts. I recently left Crossfit and I decided to work on my strength, in fact I left the weight room altogether and started to work out at a local park that has a set of pullup bars. Plenty of other programs that will give you a better understanding of strength and conditioning in a safe manner. And what worked for me was a blend of strength, power, and gymnastics training with short, intense, and usually heavy metcons. Hybrid Program Notes• These programs will increase static strength, explosive strength, and limit strength.
The volume is low enough, and the metcons are short enough that your CNS should be stable throughout the program. I wrote this program because I train with a guy who doesn’t need to do as much OLY lifting as I do. Of course, you don’t really program the OLY lifts that way, so there was a hodge podge of stuff in my log.
Linear strength progression works a little differently in a program with gymnastics and metcon, so pay attention to what’s happening.

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