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People normally think of dogs as eating beef, but there are many other possibilities to fulfill the protein requirements. While many people think dogs can eat almost anything, certain foods are dangerous and even deadly to dogs. While wolves in the wild eat raw food, it is important to cook your dogs food for safety sake. Fresh vegetables are usually cheaper than canned or frozen, and they have more vitamins if they are picked at peak ripeness (from your garden or a farm stand). Make the food in large enough batches that you only have to prepare the food once a week at most.
Even if you don’t cook for your dog full-time, you can still cook on occasion to provide a healthy alternative to his regular diet. Okay I promise I won’t make the joke that your dog will beat a path to his bowl when you put this homemade beet recipe down for his dinner, instead I’ll just tell you why beets for dogs is paw-tastic! Over the weekend my peep decided to make a new homemade dog food with one of our favorite ingredients, which is polenta. There is nothing better than a simple and tasty homemade dog food recipe, and my lamb kebabs are just that!
My peep likes to make this recipe when she’s clearing out the kitchen fridge and wants to make something tasty for the both of us.

Reward man’s best friend with nutritional and yummy grub with these homemade dog food recipes.  It is true that raising pets, a dog in this case, should be fun and fulfilling. First we’ll feature raw food for dogs, also known as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)—which is basically raw meat and bones. Cooking or preparing food for your dog can be rewarding when you see your dog gobble up everything on the dish. There you have it: healthy homemade dog food recipes that are fun to make and easy on the budget. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. After the pet food scare a few years ago, many owners have begun cooking for their animals as a way to avoid harmful additives. Polenta is a great staple to have in your cupboard, it’s a wonderful alternative to rice.
They always contain the same tasty ingredients that she uses for my home meals with a healthy protein, some fruit and veggies and a little grain. But the rising cost of commercial dog food is taking out much of the fun (and the dollars from your wallet). Dogs, like humans, require a variety of meat, starches and vegetables to meet their basic nutritional requirements.

However, many home dog food chefs include a clove or two of cooked garlic as an ingredient.
Raw food advocates reason that dogs are not meant to eat processed chow because they used to hunt their food in the wild anyway. If dogs eat only protein, they will lack important vitamins, and this can lead to deficiencies and even thyroid problems. Remember the dog food ratio of 40 percent protein, 50 percent vegetables and 10 percent starch when deciding on the actual ingredients. There are also those who prefer to have the food for their dogs cooked because it’s much safer. Even though dogs are not as susceptible to food-borne organisms, prepared food advocates still thinks it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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