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You can do exercise for physical fitness components that will help you to gain optimal health.
Interval training is a great form of exercise, because it hits a number of the physical fitness components at once. Pilates is another super exercise that can affect all of the components of physical fitness. Select exercises from the above list - or other exercises you might choose - that cover all of the components of fitness.

Articles on health and fitness information, how to lose weight, weight loss ideas, plus more health and wellness tips. The following article discusses five components of physical fitness, information you can use to develop a balanced exercise program. If you mix it up, choosing a variety of exercises, your body will reap maximum benefits while you stay interested and engaged in building fitness. By performing exercises that cover all of the components of physical fitness, you can lead a healthier, happier life.

There are five components to total fitness and doing exercise for physical fitness components for each will result in optimal health.

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