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If you plan on having bariatric surgery, there's a high likelihood you will spend at least a small amount of post surgical time on a clear liquid bariatric diet. A clear liquid bariatric diet is the first phase of the bariatric diet your doctor will prescribe following your weight loss surgery. When eating a clear liquid diet following bariatric surgery, there are a few rules patients must follow. A clear liquid diet should be followed only for the small amount of time recommended by your physician. With the exception of the foods listed above, you should avoid most foods on a clear liquid diet.
Often you can hear the opinion that the most harmonious for organism is a clear liquid diet plan. For an ideal figure the whole world spends money on diuretic teas, laxatives, diet pills, thermal underwear, increases sweating. A person is composed of 70% water, and means that into the organism must fall much more liquid than the food. In the classic sense the diet plan lasts 30 days and is aimed at cleansing the body, getting rid of toxins and weight loss. Your medical professional may possibly suggest a clear liquid diet plan previous to selected surgical procedure or maybe for people with specific digestive issues. A clear liquid diet plan is normally applied before lab tests, treatments or surgeries that need absolutely no food in your digestive system or intestinal tract, for example before colonoscopy.
Most doctors prescribe a clear liquid bariatric diet for their patients in the immediate few days following bariatric surgery.

Usually, this type of diet is prescribed for just a few days before bariatric surgery patients progress into the other phases of the diet, which include, in turn, modified liquids, soft foods and a high protein maintenance diet. Because clear liquid diets are lacking in nutrition, they are never recommended for extended periods of time; however, when used in the immediate period following weight loss surgery, a clear liquid diet can help the body begin to recover from invasive surgical procedures.
Clear liquids are easily digested by the gastronintestinal tract and leave no undigested residue in the intestinal tract. If the individual has certain digestive problems such as nausea and vomiting this diet may also be recommended. After certain types of surgery a clear diet is prescribed by the physician until the client is ready to eat solid foods as tolerated.
Just because a clear liquid diet cannot give you enough calorie consumption and also nutrients. This can possibly be suggested like a short-term diet program for those who have several digestive troubles, like nausea, vomiting or maybe diarrhea, or after particular forms of surgical treatment. Clear liquid diets are mild and unlikely to upset a very tender stomach which may be present following weight loss surgery. Your doctor will tell you exactly what you can and can't have and the amounts in which you can ingest the liquids available to you on your clear liquid diet.
Before surgeries this diet is ordered to clear the gastrointestinal tract from food residue.
Dietitians say that excess weight in 99% of cases is formed due to insufficient drinking clean water. If you eat three hamburgers and a pack of donuts together with the liquid, it is unlikely you will lose weight or improve your health.

Never continue on the clear liquid diet beyond the time limit your doctor recommends or you are at risk for nutritional deficiencies.
Accordingly, the search for solution to the problem should take place at the transition to the clear liquid diet plan.
Work with your doctor on progressing through the stages of your bariatric diet.A clear liquid diet following bariatric surgery is just the first stage of dieting. This diet is not limited to taking foods and drinks that have no color rather the individual is limited to drink and eat clear foods. It is not intended as a weight loss diet, but rather as a recovery diet to get you through the initial phase of recovery following your surgery. After your first few days of recovery, you can get down to the business of dieting to lose weight. Drinking diet cannot be used juices from the package, sugary drinks, cocoa, coffee or sweet and fatty yoghurt. Until then, care for your health with a clear liquid diet as recommended by your doctor so you start your weight loss from the healthiest place possible.

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