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This recipe is similar to one that SisMama has made for years; with only slight variations like the chives and the rice krispies.
I couldn’t recall ever trying these CheeseCrisps, made with Rice Krispies, but knew I must have had them at some point at one of our many family gatherings, so Aunt Jill’s Cheese Straws had to wait a day to try this easy recipe out. Cheese straws, cheese crackers, cheese wafers - whatever you call them- have been a part of my culinary history for as long as I can remember.
I had all but given up when my friend, Chica, (aka Kathy Starkey) brought her Cheese Crisps to a party.

She jotted down the recipe on a grocery list pad for those of us who wanted the 411 and I took a picture with my phone and sent it to myself. If you love cheese straws, like me, or are new to the experience, you will adore Chica's Cheese Crisps!
In a medium mixing bowl, mix together the butter, cheese, flour, cayenne and salt until it forms a lightly stuck together ball.
The light, perfectly balanced cheese, butter and flour combination I remember from my great aunts and grandmother.

Cheese straws are as simple as a few ingredients, but there is an art to making them that has eluded many a baker, including me.
I’ve tried over the years at least 100 techniques, recipes, styles, even shapes and sizes, but could never duplicate that cheesy, crisp cracker I remember from childhood.

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