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All the above illnesses can be treated, so the best advice is to visit your veterinarian to get the cat checked out as routine tests can determine which of the above illnesses are present. Cat diabetes tends to develop over a number of weeks and is sometime difficult to notice as early symptoms can vary from cat to cat. When the body is burning only fat and muscle, this acidity is passed out of the body in urine, and the cat gets very dangerously dehydrated. Ketoacidosis is a life threatening condition, because as the level of acidity in the blood increases, the body’s dehydration reaches the point where the cat can lapse into a coma.

At first the cat’s appetite may be fine, but eventually the appetite diminishes and they begin to lose weight. Some cats become almost obsessive about water, lurking around taps,  hosepipes and garden fountains. Another sign of diabetes that the back legs are weakened, causing the cat to become very wobbly when walking.
Diabetes does cause cats to drink more water, urinate more frequently and lose weight despite eating well.

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