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The Primal Low Carb Kitchen: Comfort Food Recipes for the Carb Conscious Cook has more than 85 low-carb, gluten-free, and primal recipes.
I recently broke through a huge stall when I cut back on protein and increased my intake of the lowest carb vegetables.The breakthrough was when I realized that I was getting sleepy after eating just a protein lunch. When it comes to low-carb diets like the Atkin’s diet, there are a lot of myths out there, and these myths misshape how people perceive these types of diets in terms of nutrition.
A lot of people think that low-carb diets are really healthy, since studies have shown they cause more weight loss and help improve risk factors for certain diseases.
In terms of biggest myths out there, the all carbs are sugar is a myth that continues onto this day, and it’s really detrimental in terms of reasons why people want to get on a low-carb diet.
This has to be a huge myth in the low-carb diet community, with the top low-carb diet being Aktin’s.
In the second half of Phil Learney’s presentation at BodyPower, he discussed why it is important to consume carbohydrates. Hi Alisha, I am not a competition coach but I have done a lot of research on the matter, and your diet and training regime sound far too strict.
When I first lost 50kg it was on a low carb diet and I was able to get the weight off but keeping it off when reintroducing carbs was really tough as my body was all out of whack. Fortunately I never followed an extremely low carbohydrate diet, however my head was definitely stuck in the low carb mentality. Carbohydrates have a bad reputation, due in part to the recent popularity of so-called high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets for weight loss. A high-carbohydrate diet could also be a plant-based, whole-foods diet with phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables at the base, with a moderate amount of whole grains and healthy low-fat proteins to balance nutritional needs.
But, since sugars, refined flour products (such as white bread and pasta) and refined grains (such as polished white rice) are all considered simple carbohydrates, a diet that is based primarily on refined grains, while it could be low in fat, could also be very high in calories because these low-fiber grain foods are not particularly filling.
Individuals who consume a diet of this type may sometimes feel virtuous for avoiding fat, but they could easily gain weight on a diet based on refined grains. Carbohydrates are an important element in the diet, and many of the foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates are also rich in fiber and phytonutrients. Carbohydrate needs per day should be met first by consuming five to nine servings per day of diverse and colorful fruits and vegetables, which provide a wealth of beneficial substances. Carbohydrates are made up of atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but no nitrogen, and are broken down into sugars, such as glucose and fructose. Following a low carb diet that was ALSO high in healthy fats, and more moderate protein got the scale moving again.
I lost the first 17 pounds or so very quickly when I went to between 20-40 g of carbs a day, and then got stuck. Here are three of the biggest low-carb diet myths out there, which can help clear up some of the confusion about this trendy and often successful type of diet plan. In terms of how diets work, the low-carb diets are often much more effective than the low-fat diet, which is often the one pushed by nutrition organizations.

While it is true that carbs are broken down into sugar, technically sugar includes simple sugars like glucose and fructose.
Although a lot of people consume the wrong types of carbohydrates, on the other side of the coin too many people (including almost all of the clients who start working with me) do not eat enough carbohydrates.
To avoid insulin resistance, Phil suggests eating a moderate amount of carbohydrates, reducing stress, training intelligently (exercise is a form of stress, so it’s important to keep workouts shorter than an hour and not go balls-to-the-wall every single time) and avoiding fasting. I love learning about these things – I have got to say from a fearing carbs person its very hard to get back onto the carb bandwagon – I mean of course we KNOW its the right thing to do but carbfears make you a mental midget! When I first started adding carbs back in it was scary as hell but once I realised that nothing bad happened (and, in fact, my body actually approved!) it was easy to keep going. Sorry to say, but I think the paleo fad is to blame as well – I know paleo does not necessarily mean low carb, but from what I can see most paleo eaters eat very little carbs.
Those of us that go about Paleo in a sensible way know how important it is to eat fruits and starchy vegetables to keep carb intake high (my carb intake was actually higher when I switched to Paleo than what it was previously!), but sadly many just think it’s all about protein and fat. It is hard to tell just by instinct, but if you feel like your body cannot tolerate carbohydrates very well (for example, you can only lose weight if you dramatically cut carbs) than you may have malfunctioning beta cells.
I also learned the difference between making bad choices for having carbs and better choices and it made a huge difference.
It also makes my job harder when I have someone start a new plan and they gain (water) weight from the excess carbs and have to blindly trust me that it will come off again. Classifying foods as carbs, proteins or fats is misleading since few foods are composed purely of one macronutrient, and the quality of the food can vary significantly. Undigested carbohydrates are eliminated from the body and are referred to as dietary fibers. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it does, and alcohol is the way many anaesthetise themselves from the stressors of live, including the stress of their diet not working. While yes, low-carb diets are really healthy, but the important words here are that it’s a healthy choice for some people. The media brainwashes us that carbs make you fat, and that low-carb diets are the only way to lose fat.
This is amplified by the fact that most low-carbers eventually fall off the wagon and binge on a huge amount of sweet, simple carbohydrates – effectively reversing all progress in the process.
Many bodybuilding competitors follow restrictive diets and cause long-term damage to their metabolisms. This part of his presentation particularly resonated with me – back when I was an aforementioned low carber, I could never get below about 22-23% body fat. I think those of us who follow the Paleo diet properly understand the importance of keeping your carb intake high through fruits and stachy vegetables, but I can see how an outsider might view it as a zero carb diet and try to emulate it. I do have to admit though that adding more carbs into my diet (from your wonderful guidance) is a miracle worker! Not to mention the fact that you should never do minimal carbs for more than 10-14 days at a time.

I can’t tell you how many friends and family members of mine are still turning to low carb diets to shed weight. I’m just not a fan of dieting to either extreme as it messes with your metabolism so much. Dairy products also fall in this category because foods like low fat milk, yogurt and cottage cheese deliver carbohydrate to the body in the form of naturally-occurring sugars. A low-carbohydrate diet restricts carbohydrate grams to such a low level that individuals consuming these diets cannot benefit from the many health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Lots of people blame their diet whilst having one, two or three un-measured glasses of wine a night – seven nights a week.
Low-carb diets are not the healthiest option out there for everyone, since people have different dietary needs and nutritional requirements.
The beginning of the Aktin’s diet allows you to have 20 grams of carbohydrates every day, but the 20 grams allows up to three cups of salad vegetables every day.
I was recently able to start leaning out while consuming upwards of 175g of carbohydrates a day, but I would have never been able to do that if I hadn’t first undertaken a period of metabolic repair. Consequently, this only fuelled my belief that carbs made me fat, so I continued to avoid them instead of sensibly taking the time to repair my insulin response. Maybe I’ll try going between 40-50 g carbs but lower calories for a week or so and see if that gets the weight to budge.
When it comes to people who don’t have a food background or dietary background, they think sugar is just white stuff, when in reality, there are a lot of different sugars out there and some the body needs to survive.
The diet can also include nutrient-dense fiber and vegetables, such as eggplant, broccoli and asparagus. When I am trying to lean out, I just watch the treats and reduce my portions a fraction (mostly carbs and fats).
People with specific diseases and illnesses might find that the low-carb diet is not the healthiest option for them, and you should talk to your doctor to determine whether it’s the healthiest choice for you. You need to look at not only the beginning phase of the low-carb diet, but then look at what the diet consists of later on, since most diets are the strictest in the beginning compared to how you can eat on the diet during the other phases. If you try to cut back on carbs AND fat, you will end up ravenously hungry and feel like crap. I don’t know how to find balance with my diet and don’t know what a ‘normal’ diet even is anymore.

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