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As with the naturopath, the doctor was not surprised I have struggled to lose weight with diet and exercise alone and explained how so many different biochemical reasons can prevent fat loss.
I too have PCOS, train 6 days a week (interval cardio, netball and 3 sessions of weights) and put ON weight.
In fact, my body wanted me at a higher weight which is why I kept rebounding between paleo perfection and full-on Haagen Daz meltdown that was nicely topped off with complete hormonal malfunction. However, I am much more emotionally satisfied where I am in my life right now regardless of my weight which is great progress. LOL can we talk about how right you are…about a week and a half of restricting calories, I didn’t eat enough for either breakfast or lunch today and I fell face first into a bag of plantain chips and chocolate! I’m over feeling ashamed or regretful when this happens, but the feeling of being so out of control is so not worth any sort of restriction or any amount of weight loss. I lost 90 lbs in a year and a half and am on the final 2 days of my 6th Whole30 but my weight is at a stand still at about 220 lbs. Even before I read your blog, I was finally reaching a point that I am relaxing about my weight and lack of scale progress. I am not at all interested in a paleo diet but this post still applies to me – I love it!
Im all about loving your body through the journey but will always believe that a healthy body is fit and doesn’t carry excess weight. As you may have read when I first found Paleo in 2010, I quickly and effortlessly lost 17 kilos. Once I had my baseline established, with the new habits I mentioned above, I tried pretty much every piece of paleo weight loss advice. I was able to spend a couple of months in the UK with my family during my time out, which gave me some great insights into this weight loss puzzle.
Looking at me and hearing about my weight loss plateau, I’m frequently quizzed on my portion sizes.

Hi there, I have had similar experiences to yourself, I went Paleo 3 years ago and had hoped for a large loss in weight. In short eat Paleo to regain your health, follow Dr Amandas advice if you want to lose weight.
I am training 5 days a week and still eating what I have always eaten, I can drop 3kg of the 10kgs I put on and then it goes back on. I know exactly what you mean and although for years have tried sometimes successfully to loose weight I always put it back on. It definitely seems to be a common problem Sam… well I am definitely going to have a lot of resources I can share with you in the next few weeks.
I think hormones play a huge part in the (in)ability to lose weight – along with other deficiencies too. I agree UKara – reading success stories is so frustrating, especially when the person basically stops eating bread – then a few months later has lost all of their excess weight! I crossfit, live a paleo lifestyle, and after having tried everything I’ve ever been told to do, still cannot lose weight.
The only advice that I really got, was that my BMI wasn’t quite high enough for weight loss meds, (not what I was looking for)! My mission is to inspire you with paleo recipes and give you the resources and information you need, to be the healthiest version of you. I have lost weight doing Palio so many times and I did feel good but if you ever cross a bridge in your life and just can’t keep up with then I gain right back exactly where I was before I started. Sometimes being so restrictive all the time is so time consuming, expensive, drives everyone around you crazy, while the whole time nothing is really wrong…or the inch you can pinch just makes you more adorable.
I’ve been paleo for 2 years and after the first 8 months (and 50 lbs later), I plateaued. There are so many things that dictate our weight and we can be healthy at many different sizes.

I know a lot of paleo people who are puffy and swollen looking and their body can’t seem to lose the last 15lbs or so.
I spoke at length to Sarah Fragoso (of Everyday Paleo – one of the sweetest most genuine people you could ever hope to meet) about my weight loss plateau. Ive tried the same paleo zone, fasting and even had a week off paleo and did a detox, only for the weight to come back on. 6 years later, after going thru depression and quite a few medical as well as all natural suplientation s to help, I am still continually slightly depressed and always 50 lbs over weight.
I did paleo for a few months then made the switch to keto as it appeared that people are losing more weight with keto then switching to paleo as a lifestyle. I was paleo for two years and when I went vegan the weight dropped effortlessly away, my skin and digestion improved and I ended up enjoying life more bc I felt my very best. Before paleo I was obsessed about calories, consuming fake food, afraid of butter and also not in a healthy mindset.When I first switched to paleo I lost 15lbs and for the first time felt good.
I hVe been seeing on this believes a lot of why I don’t lose the weight is due to stress.
I didn’t lose any weight, despite having significantly more kilos to support than my parents do. I lost no weight due to the drastic dietary changes, but I did lose an inch or two around the mid section. I can lose some weight by dropping out carbs, but then that affects my training and physical goals, so I don’t like that.
Plus I had already taken metformin once and it made me violently ill (another great reason not to take these drugs because something with that strong a side effect can’t be healthy for your system).

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