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Summertime offers an abundance of fresh veggies at lower costs, but now that Winter is on the horizon, the produce aisle isn't exactly overflowing with inexpensive produce. So if you can't buy fresh veggies and eat them within a few days, frozen veggies are the next best option. Not to mention that canned veggies often have chemicals that seeped into them from the can's lining.
I bring a lot of Whole Foods and Kashi frozen meals to work because I want to have time to work out during lunch (mexican, indian, etc).
I love frozen veggies, I usually keep a few types in there for days when I haven't had a chance to go to the store and really want to add some vegetables to whatever I'm doing. FRESH: Offers greater variety and can cost less when purchased in season, but is perishable and must be used quickly.
Some people may be concerned that frozen and canned vegetables don’t have the same nutritional values as their fresh versions.
Frozen and canned vegetables can be a great, relatively inexpensive, way to be sure you are eating your veggies all year round. Intersperse yoga with a peaceful paddle along the scenic Labyrinth Canyon section of Utah’s Green River.

While the word is getting out about the value of frozen vegetables, here's a few reasons from our friend Mary to open your cooking repertoire to include time saving and nutritious kitchen staples. The first step of freezing veggies does involve blanching them in hot water or steam to kill bacteria, which breaks down some of the water-soluble vitamins such as B and C.
I've been throwing about a cup of mixed frozen veggies on top of whatever it is and microwaving for an extra 2 minutes. This is a pretty fitting time to have this celebration, as fresh vegetables and fruits can be a little harder to come by this time of year. You can buy them all year without much of a price change in the “off season.” The quality and taste is very consistent through the year, so you don’t have to worry about those tomatoes that just don’t have the same flavor in February that they would in August. I compared the nutrition profiles of the fresh (cooked and raw), frozen, and canned versions of these vegetables.
The information from the frozen and canned sweet corn and green beans comes from the Green Giant website. The fresh sweet corn and green beans do have some of each of these nutrients, but the canned and frozen have less. We can almost guarantee that your energy and spirit will soar, your self esteem and confidence increase, and your daily lifestyle align with more balance.

I feel like once I've finished boot camp in the morning, I can take on anything thrown at me that day”. Sure, you can find most of them in the grocery store, but fresh produce tends to be a bit more expensive in the winter, and it sometimes doesn’t taste quite as good as the fresh summer produce.
So you’ll have to do a little math, but you’ll find that most of the nutrition information is very comparable among fresh, frozen, and canned sweet corn and green beans.
Actually, frozen foods may even be more nutritious than the same fresh veggies that have been sitting out or in the fridge for an extended period of time. If you are one of the lucky ones who had a prolific garden last summer and was able to store a lot of your own veggies (or you are good friends with one of those people who likes to share), good for you!
Prep work is basically nothing – just open the can, heat, add your own extra ingredients and spices if you want, and eat!

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